Hackersafe A/B Split Test

Almost 6 months ago mostly due to high reviews and a great offer from www.stompernet.com we added hackersafe to two of our websites. As part of the offer we did an A/B split test to see if it really helped increase conversions or not. The A/B split test was run by Hackersafe and the results showed that conversions on our site increased 9.3%! Recently we just finished another A/B split test that we performed with google website optimizer (with the help of monitus.net!) and found that using the Hackersafe logo definitely continued to show an increased conversion rate! Off to test some more!

A/B Split Testing with a Yahoo Store

My latest adventure has been learning how to set up google analytics and use google website optimizer to do A/B split testing with my yahoo store. I can’t give a higher recommendation than to say that Michael at http://www.monitus.net is the guy you need to see.

First, monitus.net. Monitus.net is a service that you can pay a low monthly fee for to have your yahoo store set up with google analytics. One of the best features of monitus.net is the keyword monkey feature. With keyword monkey you can easily see which keywords converted. Each day you will receive a report for newly converting keywords and if you login to keyword monkey then you can see an easy to read chart of all keywords that converted as well as your conversion rate for any given keyword. This is great because then you can see which words you should be focusing your seo efforts on. Keyword monkey also tells you if the words are found in your store so that you can know if you need to create special pages for those words to generate even more conversions. I had google analytics set up for some time, but Keyword monkey is so much easier to read and understand. Also, if you want to use google website optimizer to do any type of a/b split testing with your yahoo store, then you will need help from monitus.