How to Use LinkedIn to Increase Your Leads


If you are still on the fence about how LinkedIn can help you expand and grow your influence, it’s time to jump in. One of the strategies for generating leads online is to be everywhere your potential customers are. But even with a presence in a variety of places, sales and leads aren’t guaranteed, your company’s brand, your services and products do gain visibility. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are the most popular of these platforms.

LinkedIn, as the social network focused on professionals, can increase your leads if used in the right way.

10-visitor-lead-conversionAccording to an internal study of Hubspots customers, they found that LinkedIn connections generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, higher than both Twitter and Facebook. To get those leads you have to promote your business and share links to the landing pages of your services and offers in your Status Updates, in the Answers and Groups and of course the Products and Services sections.

So how do you get lead generations? There are many ways to attract leads on LinkedIn. Here are a few you can implement right away.

  1. Ask for connections. It’s hard to believe but you can just ask for leads. When someone views your profile, you want to be able to capture them with a call to action and good content. In your summary or in a video, let the prospect know you would love to have their connection on LinkedIn. Connect with everyone who asks to connect with you as well. You never know when one of those connections can lead to a big sale.
  1. Respond to and answer questions. Give the most informative answers you can and add a lot of value by being a resource for the person asking the question. Follow up on the replies with private messages letting them know how you can be of more assistance.
  2. Showcase your credibility. Recommend others. Give others a good recommendation when you find someone with a great product or service. In turn ask others you have worked with to give you recommendations. Having good recommendations increases your credibility which leads to sales.
  3. Join 10 of LinkedIn’s Groups. Even with a free account you can join up to 50 groups. Sign up for at least 10 of them in the beginning. Just make sure they are a good fit for your goals. Research them to find the most active ones and are filled with your target customers.
  4. Get rid of the resume profile. Your profile should be more results-based and customer centered. You want your profile to represent you in the best way for those checking you out.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest and most powerful professional oriented social media platforms online. In the hands of the B2B marketer, LinkedIn, along with other social media sites, should be a part of your marketing strategy. By leveraging the many tools and built-in services LinkedIn has to offer you can generate leads and make lasting and profitable connections.

Hackersafe A/B Split Test

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A/B Split Testing with a Yahoo Store

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