CafePress – How to Create a Shop and Add Products

graphic-designerIn this tutorial, you will learn how to create a basic (free) CafePress shop and add your images to any of the products available, from books and CDs to baby blankets and iPad cases.

You will need:

  • A graphic or image program
  • Your own pre-made images – You must hold the copyright.


Step 1: Create a member account

Create a member account by supplying information including your email address (which will be your user id), password, secret password reminder, and birthday. You’ll also need to agree to the terms of service and click the join button.


Step 2: Choose your shop type

There are two types of CafePress shops – Basic (free) and Premium (about $60 per year). With a basic shop, you may use each product only once. With a premium shop, you may use each of the 200+ products multiple times. For example a premium shop may contain nothing but a variety of greeting cards.

Here we will be creating a Basic shop, which will give us the option to upgrade to a premium shop. (Note: This is not the free premium trial.)

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Open a basic shop” button.


Step 3: Add your shop information

Here you will add and select your shop information and preferences.

Choose a shop ID – This will be between 3-40 characters long. It will be used in your shop’s URL so most people use their shop name so the URL will look something like this: (ShopID)

Add your shop name – This is the text that will appear in the title on your shop.

Choose a “return” page – This page is where the customer will be directed after they purchase from your shop. You can add a thank you page or redirect them to your site’s home page.

Step 4: Select your preferences

Here you can choose to opt-out of the market place (opt-out not recommended), make your shop private, and subscribe to the shopkeeper’s newsletter. We recommend these (default) settings for most people.


Enter your birth date, read and agree to the shopkeeper terms of service and the content use policy (CUP) and click the submit button.

You will see a success page that shows your Shop ID and your shop URL. Now it’s time to add products so click the “Build your shop” button.

Step 5: Add products to your shop

On this page you have two choices. You may edit your store settings or add one (or more) products. We will be adding products so click the products link. (Come back to edit store settings after you add your first product.)


In a Basic shop, you want to add all products and adjust the image which is added to each item. To do this, select the “add all”. Scroll to the bottom and click the add button.



You will then see all products in your shop. Note that each product will say “pending” and does not show to customers until you add an image. To add images to products, you must first upload them to your shop’s media basket.

Step 6: Upload your images

Since each product’s print area is a different size, one image will not fit all products. CafePress provides product templates to help you create the correct image sizes. Check your existing  images against the templates before uploading. Tip: When you increase the image dpi and dimensions, you can use the image on more products. For example you can use a 300 dpi, 10” x 10” square on a shirt and resize it with the CafePress tools to fit on a 1-inch button.

The storage area for uploads can be found at the top of your page in your media basket, which includes folders for images, audio, and documents.



Click on the Media Basket tab and the image folder link. On the new page, choose to upload a new image and click on the button.

On the new page, you’ll be able to upload multiple images at one time. To do this, click on the “browse” button to search your computer for the images. Select the image by double clicking it or using the “open” button.

Select images until finished. Agree to the terms of service and upload.


Step 7: Tag and categorize your images

Add tags to help people find your images and products.



Select a category for your image. Click the done button and you can see the image in your image basket.


Step 8: Add images to your products

Now you’re ready to add the image to a product. To get back to your products so you can edit them, click on the “your shops” tab and then the name of your shop.

From the list of choices, click on the “Manage Products” link. You will be taken to the products you added to your shop earlier. To add the image, choose a product and click the edit button beneath it. We chose the baby bib.


Click the select image button and choose the image in your basket that you’d like to add. Click to select it.

The image shows up on the product. Click the next button.


Step 9: Edit your product info

Here you will name and describe your product. If you want the term Bib to appear in your product name, you will need to type it in.


In the description you have 200 characters to work with. Use as many characters as possible, making sure to include keywords and language that entice viewers to buy.

Then edit your profit margin by adding a markup value or adjusting the sale price. Then click the save and finish button.



You will be taken to your products page where you can add more images to products. If you look in the top right corner of the page, you’ll see a new button. Click this preview button to see how your shop page will look.

When you’ve finished, click on the return to section link in the top left corner of the page.

Step 10: Adjust your shop appearance

Now that your first product is showing in your shop, you’ll want to personalize or brand your shop a bit. The Basic shop is very limited as far as this goes. However, you can add a picture, logo and/or a description for your shop.

To customize your shop, click on the Your Shops tab at the top of the page and then the “customize” link. Here you will find the areas where you can make the mentioned edits.

Step 11: Set your payment and tax preferences

Visit your account tab to set your payment preferences, including how and when you will be paid. You will also need to add your tax information. Although US residents are required to pay and report tax, non-US residents will also need to fill in a bit of info as well.

You now have a Basic CafePress shop and are on your way to earning money through print on demand products. If you have questions or need more help, the CafePress forum is very active and helpful.