How To Add Signatures To Your Blog Posts!



The Add Signature Plugin allows you to easily add different signatures to your posts, pages and archives. You can choose to automatically include them on all posts and/or pages, or manually insert the signature in each post.

Here’s how to setup and use the Add Signature Plugin.


Step 1: Download and Install

To download the Add Signature Plugin, go to:

The file is a text file, so to prevent your browser from automatically opening your file in the browser, right click and select “Save File As.”


Next rename the .txt file to a .php file.


Upload the php file using your FTP client. Go into your Plugins tab and click Activate.


Step 2: Access the Settings

Click on DDAddSig in your Settings tab to setup your signatures.


Step 3: Write Your Signatures

Write your primary signature, along with up to 6 additional signatures.

You can use HTML in your signatures, along with content insertion codes:


Once you’ve written your signatures, all you need to do is save the options and insert <– ddsig –> in any of your posts or pages to quickly insert the signature.


Step 4: Set Default Display

If you want Add Signature Plugin to automatically add your signatures to all your pages or posts for you, just check the corresponding boxes on the bottom of the setup page.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now setup your own signature to be easily added to any page or post.