Online Survey Tools – How to Use Them Efficiently


Ask Database

The Ask Database is an online survey tool created by internet marketing guru Alex Mandossian. It features a multitude of survey options to choose from, including open ended responses as well as multiple choice answers.

The power of Ask Database really comes in when it comes to aggregating survey data. With other survey services, you have to read through all the open ended answers to get data.

With Ask Database, it instead uses its keyword analytics software to determine what the most common phrases are and then displays that data for you in an easy to see manner.

For example, if you asked the question “What features do you want to see most in version 2?” and received 5,000 responses, instead of going through them one by one Ask Database could just tell you that the most common phrases were “longer posts” and “in text HTML.”

The service costs $29.95 a month, but comes with a free 21 day trial for $1.

Here’s how to sign up for and use Alex Mandossian’s Ask Database.

Step 1 – Sign Up

Visit to get started on the signup process.

First, enter your name and email to get to the sales page.


Find a purchase button and click on it.


Go through the signup process until you’ve completed everything and have your account ready to go.


Sign in to continue.

Step 2 – Fast Question (Optional)

Ask Database offers perhaps the fastest way to create a survey on the internet. All you need to do is enter a question into the instant campaign box. With one click, you’ll have your survey up and ready to go!


Once you type in your question and click enter, you’ll be taken to the preview page for your instant campaign.


At the top will be the link you can use to link to the survey. Below is a preview of what your survey looks like.

That’s the simplest way to create a campaign in Ask Database. Now we’ll go into a more in depth look on how to create more diverse campaigns.

Step 3 – Create a New Campaign

Click on New Campaign to start the campaign creation process.


You’ll be presented with a multitude of choices on what kind of campaign to create.


On the left hand side are the relatively simple and standard questions that you might expect in a survey.

On the right hand side are more complex questions like written responses or extra comments. You can also setup questions that automatically redirect to another question or website after they finish the survey.

If you have any questions about a specific type of survey, just click on the question mark next to the survey type. A pop up box will appear explaining the specific survey.

We’ll continue using the example of a multiple choice question.

Step 4: Fill Out Campaign Details

Select your campaign’s title. Then fill out the question you’re asking with the survey, along with where you want to send people after they finish the survey.

Name your submit button and name your header. Click Step 2 when finished.


You’ll then be presented with the option of sending an autoresponder message after they finished the survey.

Perhaps the most important option is along the bottom, which allows you to automatically have Ask Database send an email to an external autoresponder which will automatically add the people who responded to your autoresponder database.


Step 5: Fill Out Question Details

This step varies for each type of survey. Basically, you fill out all the required information to ask the question you want to ask. In this case, you fill out the different selections you want for your question and choose “Add / Remove Selections.”


Step 6: Save and Get Code

Once you click save, you’ll land on the HTML Form Codes page.

Choose the type of codes that you want to get. You can get a quick link, which is basically a link to the survey. Or you can get a full page survey, a popup survey, a survey with audio and more.

Again, click the question mark box to the left of the types if you have questions about a specific type.


Once you copy and paste the code onto your website, then you’re finished with the setup process!

Step 7 – Using Word Density

One of the unique features of Ask Database is its search keyword identification tool. You can access it by clicking “Word Density” under Campaign Tools.


You’ll then see a list of the most commonly typed words for your survey. It’ll display data on one word, two word or even three word phrases if you have enough data.


That’s the basics of how to setup Ask Database, create a campaign and use its unique word density features. Ask Database has a lot of other tools that you can use to optimize your campaign. The best way to learn is to just experiment with all the different tools available.


Easy Internet Survey

Easy Internet Survey (EIS) is a 100% free online survey system. You have an unlimited number of responses to your questions.

EIS specializes in single-question surveys, rather than large multi-question surveys. If you want to setup a complex survey, chances are you’re better off with another system.

However, if you just want to setup a simple survey for free and collect an unlimited number of responses, then Easy Internet Survey is a great choice.

Step 1: Get an Account

To register for an account, go to:

Click on the link under the test drive section to get started.


You’ll need to go through a signup process that involves entering your email address, confirming it and then getting a password from your email.


If you don’t get an email within 10 minutes of registering, check your spam box.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, log in with your email address and password.

Step 2: Start a New Campaign

Click on “New Campaign” along the navigation bar to start your new campaign.


You’ll be taken to the campaign creation page.


In the top section, select the type of questions you want to ask, give your campaign a title and tell EIS where to send your visitors after they finish your survey. You can also opt to collect user email addresses and names from the survey.

In the bottom section, you can choose to send users an autoresponder message when they finish the survey. Set this up here if you want to do so.

Click “Save and Next Step” when you’re ready.

Step 3: Enter Your Question

Enter the question you want to ask for your survey.


Click “Save and Next Step” when you’ve finished.

Step 4: Select Your Page Template

Choose how you want your page to behave. Should it be a pop-up? Or a full page survey?

Click on Preview once you’ve finished. Alternatively, you can click Customize to change the default template.


Step 5: Preview and Get Code

You’ll be shown a preview of what your survey will look like.


If the preview looks good, then click one of the code boxes to get the code. A code box will pop up with your HTML code on it.


Use this link to send your users to your survey.

Step 6: Retrieving Responses & Data

Once you’ve got responses to your survey, go to Reports to view your results.


The most basic data you’ll get is the # of responses and the # of impressions. For more details, click on “See Responses” to see exactly what your users said.

That’s how you setup a campaign in Easy Internet Survey. EIS is a powerful free way of collecting one-question responses from your users. Unlike other services, they don’t cap your responses and won’t charge you a dime no matter how many responses you get.


Online Survey Comparison Chart

Comparison chart was created based on available information and features are subject to change. 



Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the oldest survey websites on the internet, founded before the internet bubble in 1999.

It has both a free version and a paid version. The free version allows you to create unlimited surveys, but only allows you to ask 10 questions per survey. Each survey can only handle up to 100 responses before you need to switch to a paid account.

The paid accounts can handle unlimited questions and responses. In addition, depending on your plan, you can also get access to A/B split testing, random question insertion, SSL-encrypted surveys, advanced analytics and more.

Here’s a walkthrough on how to use Survey Monkey to create a survey.

Step 1: Register for Survey Monkey

If you don’t already have a survey monkey account, register for one at


Step 2: Name & Create Your Survey

When you land on your home screen for the first time, in the middle of your screen will be the survey creation page.

Come up with a name for your survey, then click “Create Survey!” to get started.


Step 3: Choose Your Survey Theme

Your theme determines how your survey will look. In general, you should choose either colors that match your site or colors that match the “vibe” that you want to survey to convey.

To use a pre-set theme, click on the drop down box. A list of available themes will drop down.

If you want to create your own theme, click “Create Custom Theme.


The box below the theme box will display a preview of what your page will look like with that theme.

Step 4: Add or Edit Page

If you have a multi-page survey, click on “Add Page” to add each page. If you have just one page, click on “Edit Page Options” to edit the page.

This is what a page creation or edit page looks like.


Repeat the process for each page you create. Here’s what a finished page should look like in your “Design Survey” tab:

Step 5: Add a Question


To add a question, click on “Add Question.” To add text or an image, click the drop down box next to “Add Question.”


Note that random assignment is a pro-only feature. It allows you to add questions that automatically randomize themselves.

When you add a question, you get to select from a drop down box of many different question types. Look through these types for the type that best serves the data you’re trying to get.


You’ll be taken to the next page to supply the details for the question. For example, with the multiple choice (one answer) option, this is what the next page looks like:


Step 6: Repeat Then Preview

Keep on adding pages and questions until you’ve completed your survey.

Once you think you’re finished, click on the “Preview Survey” button in the upper right corner to go through the survey.

You’ll see the survey exactly like how your end user will see the survey, so you can get a sense for whether or not the survey is showing up the way you like it.


Step 7: Save and Publish

Once you’ve finished your survey, click on “Collect Responses” to generate a link to your survey.


A number of choices on how you want to generate your link will come up, including emailing a link, having Survey Monkey email the link or have it posted on Facebook.

Select the one that best suits your needs. In general, most people just select the first option.


When you click Next Step, your survey link will be displayed.


Congratulations! You’ve learned the basics of how to create a survey with Survey Monkey.

Play around with the interface and get used to the system on the free account first. Then, if you need more capabilities, upgrade to Pro to use all that Survey Monkey has to offer.