Social Media Integration With Email Marketing

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If you run an autoresponder, chances are you’re going to spend quite a bit of time writing and refining your autoresponder messages. Instead of having to then take the time to re-post it to your social networks, why not have that reposting done automatically instead?

Most autoresponder services allow you to automatically post your emails to your social networks. This can help you save a lot of time, while automatically giving your subscribers a whole lot more content.

Here’s how to setup your email systems to automatically send emails to your social media sites.


Log into your Mailchimp account. Click on “Integrations.”


Choose the service that you want to automatically post to.


Click “Log In” to authorize your social media account to be posted to by Mailchimp.


Once your social media accounts are setup, go and create a campaign as you normally would. Now in the campaign setup process, you’ll be given the option to automatically post that autoresponder to your social media sites.

If you check the checkbox, the auto-tweeting or auto-posting will go into effect effective immediately.



To automatically send your autoresponder emails to your social media accounts in iContact, just follow these steps.

First, click on “Social” along the top navigation.


Click “Get Started” to continue.


Select which service you want to post to.


You’ll be taken through the authorization process. Once your social media account is authorized, you’ll see the “post to” check box on the bottom of your send messages box. Check that box whenever you want to send a message to your social network(s).



ConstantContact is one of the best autoresponders to use if you want to send visual HTML emails. ConstantContact’s “Simple Share” makes it easy to share your content with your social network(s).

First, start by creating and editing a message as you normally would.


Then save your draft and go to “Schedule”. Under “Social Sharing,” click “Simple Share.”


Choose which social network you want to share your message on.


ConstantContact will take you through the authorization process. Once your account is authorized, you’ll be taken to a share screen.

Customize the message by clicking on it and editing the text.


Click “Schedule” once you’re ready for the world to see your message!


To share your message via Aweber, go to “Messages” then “Broadcast” and setup a message as you normally would. Then on step 2 “Sharing” select the Facebook / Twitter account you want to share the post with.


Click “Connect to a new account” if this is your first time.


Follow through with the account authorization. Once your account is successfully added, you’ll see this notification:


Now whenever you want to share a message, all you need to do is check the box at the bottom and change the subject line.

That’s how to post to social media automatically using your autoresponder service. We’ve covered all four of the major small business email services today. If you want to regularly give more value to your users without having to spend a lot of time creating links and uploading content, this is one easy way to have your email service do it all for you.

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