Master the 4 Smart Skills that Fortune 500 companies use in their businesses every single day so you can work less, earn more, and finally have the business of your dreams.

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Are you ready to learn SMART Skills?!

Learn the 4 Smart Skills that Inc 5000 companies use in their businesses every single day so you can work less, earn more, and finally have the business of your dreams.

What are the 4 SMART Skills that you will learn? Glad you asked!

Ever felt like you are going from one great idea to the next?

That there is so much to do in your business that you are jumping from one project to another? That you spend most of your time hoping and praying that somehow it will all come together and not just generate revenue but create a profitable company that will help you to finally work less and earn more? In SMART Skill One: SMART Ideas, we go into detail how you can determine which of the hundreds of ideas that are thrown at you on a daily basis through emails, FB posts, and blogs… are the SMART Ideas that you should be working on to implement in your business – and which you should put on the shelf to work on at some future date (if at all).

SMART Skill One: SMART Ideas!  


  • What the three (and only three) things you should be focusing on in your business are 
  • How to set SMART goals for your company if you are a solopreneur, have a small team, or a large company 
  • How to create a 12-month strategic plan for your company so you can stay on track and avoid the shiny object syndrome

What would it mean for your business if you could turn your team of independent contractors from a scattered group of individuals working odd hours into a close knit production machine?

How many hours of your week could you get back if you no longer had to chase down your team members asking again and again if something was done yet? Ever had your team play the waiting game? You know the one where John says he is waiting for something from Mary, Mary says she is waiting for something from Suzy, and Suzy says she is waiting for something from John?!?!? Maddening right! In SMART Skill Two: Smart Teams, I will walk you through how to solve each of these problems even if you work with independent contractors in multiple time zones. If you have meeting-itis (having so many meetings you can’t get your work done) – then this is also for you! SMART Skill Two: SMART Teams Discover…

  • How to run a daily meeting in 5-15 minutes so that your team can get more done instead of wasting hours a week talking about what they are going to do! 
  • How to turn your weekly team meeting from a goof off session into one of the most productive and important meetings of the week. 
  • The one thing you must do before any non-scheduled meeting

Are you constantly finding that your team is working on things that, although important, are not the highest priority for what you need to get done now?

Do projects seem to take much longer than you would expect them to take? Does your project management tool look like a never ending list of to-dos that will take years to complete? Is your team frustrated and overwhelmed with the never ending amount of tasks and to-dos being assigned to them in your current project management system? Are you struggling with resource management? Is one person on your team a “project-hog” and in reality the bottleneck for getting anything done? SMART Skill Three: SMART Project Management Discover…

  • The simple to use, practically free, and scalable project management system used by Inc 5000 companies with large teams 
  • How to easily create templates for all of your processes so you can create it once and use it over and over again 
  • Practical examples of how you can implement this in your business today

One of the most important skills to scale is the skill of leadership. You’ve heard it before – “Everything rises and falls on leadership…”

Though we can’t cover everything there is to know about leadership in less than 45 minutes – during SMART Skill 4: SMART Leadership – you will discover 3 things that all leaders know: Managing Yourself: The essential foundation for great leadership Managing Down: How to manage your team through mentorship Managing Up: How to “manage” your boss (or clients!) SMART Skill Four: SMART Leadership Discover…

  • How to work less and earn more through effective time management and learning to say “no”. 
  • The #1 question my director asked me (when I worked for a Inc 5000 company) before approving any project – and why you should ask yourself that question too! 
  • How to mentor (not manage) your team in less than a few hours per week.

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