How to Install and Use Review Press Plugin

how to2Review Press is a very basic plugin that allows you to set up a simple reviews section for your website. It adds your reviews as a custom post type and allows you to set up review categories and tags. This plugin might be a good choice if you already have a blog, but want to add a review component to it.

There are promises of more features in a future version, including Amazon affiliate product linking, but for now, it’s a very basic plugin. If you’re looking for the basics, it might be right for you.

The developer’s website can be found here:


Install Plugin

 In your WordPress admin panel, click on “Plugins -> Add New”.


Next, you can search for “Review Press” in the search box.


Once you find it, click “Install Now”.


You will be asked if you’re sure you want to install it. Click “OK”.

Now you need to enter your hostname (usually your domain name), FTP username and password. In most cases, your connection will be FTP.


Click “Proceed” as shown above.


Activate Plugin

Next, you should see a screen that tells you have successfully installed the plugin. Now you have to activate it, so click “Activate Plugin”.


Use the Plugin

Now you can use the plugin. You will see a “Reviews” menu on the left menu of your admin panel. You can set categories and tags or you can do that as you create a new review. So, let’s just create a review by clicking “Add New”.



This feature looks much like the “Posts” or “Pages” function of WordPress. Click “Add New” again near the top of the page.


Add your post title and review post, just like you would with any other post.

On the right side, you can create a new category. Just click the link “+ Add New Category”. We have added “Video Games”. Once you have your category title, click the button below that says “Add New Category”.


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