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How to Maximize Your Business Brand on Google+ Checklist

Creating a Google+ business page is just the beginning. Brands need to be consistent, follow trends and interact with their followers in order to increase their brand visibility. Check these questions and see what you should be doing to maximize your business brand on Google+.

10 Common Google+ Branding Mistakes

One of the most surprising facts about Google+ branding mistakes is the number of people who still make them! Here are ten of the most common mistakes beginners do.

50 Tips for Marketing Your Website

As amazing as your website may be, it’s not going to market itself. If you want people to come to your website, you have to get the word out there.

How to Be Active on LinkedIn

Once you have set up your LinkedIn Profile and completed it to “Advanced” strength or better, and you have made a healthy batch of initial connections, it’s time to become a visible part of the LinkedIn community.

How to Use Facebook as a Business Research Tool

Nowadays, you can – and should – be using Facebook for business-related research.  Not only can you research your audience and your competitors, but you can also monitor your own business interaction, perception and feedback by using Facebook activity.

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