Outsourcing for your Small Business


Small businesses, even home-based businesses, can follow the trend of outsourcing. For quite some time, large businesses have been on track with outsourcing activities such as payroll and accounts payable / accounts receivable; and now more and more business owners are realizing that there really is something to the outsourcing game.

One thing to keep in mind when beginning your journey into outsourcing work to a professional not employed by your company is that it does involve a fair amount of time and commitment. While finding a person or a company who will take on the activities you wish to outsource can be relatively simple, you’ll want to make sure to check work samples and references of candidates you are considering.

Once you have found the person or company with whom you will work, there is sometimes a period of adjustment for both you, the company, and also for the employees you do have working directly for you. Transitions can go much easier when you have a clear plan spelled out and meet with members of your staff to ensure understanding. It is important that everyone has a crystal clear understanding of their role, and their responsibilities when work begins to be outsourced to others.

Outsourcing companies, most of the time, will be good at what they do. For instance, many online businesses engage in outsourcing their SEO, or their Google Adwords campaigns because these are tasks that require a lot of time and almost constant attention to changes. Care should be taken, however, in considering an outsourcing company. There have been a few that make promises they just can’t keep in order to earn more business.

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When choosing which tasks you will outsource, you want to consider what your point of difference is when compared to your competitors. If prices are the selling point of your business, then outsourcing customer service to an overseas company could be well worth the savings you will receive on the payroll side of things. However, if your company’s highlight is that nobody can beat your customer service, then you definitely want a full time staff member who will be invested in providing that customer service beyond what your competitors can offer.

While outsourcing is becoming more widely used with every inch of web growth, the best thing you as the business owner can do is analyze where you can take full advantage and see the most benefit from outsourcing. There are some tasks that you will definitely want to keep in house. Those tasks will differ from one business to another depending on how it is run. Tip-toeing into outsourcing is not a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with trying out a few providers to get a feel for how they can best meet your needs. In fact, beginning in such a manner would be more advisable than entering into a long term contract with a company up front.

Some examples of tasks that can be outsourced are: multi-media, social networking such as blogging and Twitter posts, sales and marketing, presentations, website design, SEO, and writing. These are only a few of the many tasks that can help your company grow at a lower cost than you might otherwise pay. Take your time, but give outsourcing some serious consideration.

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