On Site SEO: An Absolute Necessity!

onsite SEOIf you want to get your site ranked fast, the best place to start is by making changes to your own site.

Here are some simple things that you can start checking right now!

Check your code.  First, validate your code. Head on over to the w3 Validator.  If your site has a lot of errors, you can either fix them, or invest in a re-design to have your site built right from the ground up.

Check your Google Webmaster Tools.  Webmaster Tools will tell you several things.  First, it will tell you if you have duplicate content with your title and description tags.  If so, fix those first.  Second, check for broken links.  Check for the number of pages indexed.  If that number is going down and not up, you have a problem that needs to be addressed.  Check if your sitemap has all of your URLs submitted.

Check your Google Analytics.  Head on over to your Google Analytics account and check things like the bounce rate of your site.  How many pages deep your visitors click through.  How long your visitors are on your site.  Don’t just look at the overall bounce rate for your site, but drill down to the specific landing pages that you want to rank.  If the bounce rate for those pages is over 60% or so, then work on improving them to bring the bounce rate down.  If your visitors are only on your site for 30 seconds, try adding video or other design elements to get them to stay longer.

Google search results for your website.  You should see the following:

  1. Picture – If your site is hooked up to your Google+ author account correctly, then your picture will show up next to your site.
  2. Keywords in the Title Tag – The title tag of your site should generate as the title of your organic listing.  If it does not, something is wrong.
  3. Description – The description area of your organic listing should be the same as the meta tag on your site.  This area should have benefits plus call to action listed.

If your Google search results are not rendering correctly, work on that!

Getting back to basics is usually one of the fastest ways to get results… and also one of the most overlooked!


If you need help, I offer an in depth SEO Site Audit through my company Start Ranking Now, Inc.  The SEO Site audit runs from between $500 and $2500 depending on how deep of an audit you need and how complex your site is.

To get started, contact me today!

2 thoughts on “On Site SEO: An Absolute Necessity!”

  1. Great tips for SEO.

    I also like to do on page SEO which includes interlinking blog posts on my own site. Creating external links to authority sites helps as well. Thanks.


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