Master Site Manager Review

Looking for domain management and SEO Tracking Software? Look NO further.  My friend Don Schnure has done it again! If you are like me, you don’t just own 1 or 2 domains. In fact, my husband’s best friend says that I buy domains like some women buy SHOES. (Don’t tell that to zappos!)

Master Site Manager is the SOLUTION. You can easily keep track of where your domains are hosted and where they are registered.  No more manually keeping track of entries in an excel file!

The absolute BEST feature of Master Site Manager is Keyword tracking.  For each of your sites you can input a keyword and Master Site Manager will keep track of your rankings! Find out where you are ranking for each of your keywords at a glance and focus your efforts on the keywords you need to rank for.

Have SEO clients?  Then Master Site Manager is FOR YOU. Easily manage the SEO campaigns of your SEO clients.  Keep track of where they currently rank for keywords as well as where you have helped them improve!

Want to find out if your competition is catching up with you? Use Master Site Manager to see if your competition is targeting and improving in rankings in YOUR keywords.  Don’t delay!  Get your copy NOW!