Market Your Skills into an Online Business

Do you want to start an online business and don’t know what to do? In order to pick a service it’s best to go by the skills you currently have. You can translate most of what you have done in the working world, volunteer world, or as a parent into an income producing service.  Get a piece of paper and write down what your skills are.


A few more ideas for service businesses are:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Programming
  • Data Entry
  • Copywriting
  • Online Marketing
  • WordPress Websites Services
  • Online Research
  • Online Bookkeeper  

Don’t worry; if you have gaps in your skills, there is a lot of training online available to you. There is, for instance, a vast network of Virtual Assistants out there who have organized and created training to help you learn how to provide almost any type of service you want to provide.  But, starting with your own skills and choosing something you can see yourself doing, day in and day out is an important first step. Next identify your gaps and seek out the training necessary.


Another method of choosing services to offer is to identify your target audience first, then create a service for them that solves a specific problem that they have. If you enjoy working with children for instance, and you have a lot of insight on children you might find a service to offer Moms that solves a problem or issue that they have with their children. If you focus on solving a problem of your target audience your services will always be in demand.

In fact, even if you choose a service to provide from the list on the first page, you will still need to choose a target audience for whom you wish to provide those services. It will make your marketing efforts a lot easier when you know who you want to work with. Your target audience never will be “anyone” it will always be a sub group that you can identify by demographics information. It will help you run your business leaner, with less stress, and even help you know what to charge.

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