If Your Website Was a Piano…

Pianos are some of the most complex instruments, made up of strings, keys and pedals, yet a toddler can reach up with sticky little fingers and play a note. That simple complexity should define your website as well.

The idea of putting something interactive that represents your business out into digital space for the entire world to see is complex, but for visitors to your website the interaction should be simple.

Easy navigation

If your website was a piano, how would it play? Is it so easy to navigate that a child could follow the conversion path? Visitors to your site should not require IT training to find what they are looking for. It should just “come out” for them. While the Internet itself may be a complex instrument, those who surf it has no patience for websites that take too long to load or are not clearly marked. They can find another company’s site within seconds if yours is too confusing.

Complicated navigation

If your website was a piano, would playing it require a lot of jumping around? Your visitors might want to share something your company provides on one of their social networking sites, but the link buttons are either not there or are cut off in the far margins of the screen, inaccessible to the mouse. What could have potentially been free marketing for you becomes a lost visitor. Check your website on a variety of browsers to ensure you aren’t missing an entire population of future clients.

Familiar and in tune

If your website was a piano, would it play something familiar that was in tune with the rest of your marketing strategy? All aspects of your marketing should compliment every other aspect of your marketing. Your branding should be consistent. Your email marketing should point to your website which references your products as well as your contact information, testimonials and expertise. Each piece should compliment the other rather than restating the information verbatim. If every instrument in the orchestra played the same notes at the same time, the symphony would be dull. But if all of the instruments played their own melody without tuning to each other, it would be a disaster. Use multiple marketing techniques, but use techniques that compliment one another.

Endless possibilities

If your website was a piano, would it play with no holds barred? (Note: If you skim and read without clicking links, you are missing out on an amazing feat in this video of five guys playing one piano in ways you probably never imagined were possible.) The potential of websites may not yet have been achieved completely. The possibilities are endless. Are you using all of them? Here are some things you might want to try, if you aren’t already:

  • a video tile
  • a company blog
  • opt-in forms
  • live chat
  • hosting a webinar

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