How to Write a Marketing Email

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Autoresponders are the email messages that are sent to customers or people that have expressed an interest in your website products or services.  They can be used to send transactional emails – thank you for your purchase, attached is your download etc.

They can also be used to deliver classes, lessons, or tidbits of information broken up over a series of emails.

The main thing that you have to remember about autoresponders is that they enable you to immediately contact your prospects and customers.  They are an immediate response to an action that your customer has taken.

In effect, autoresponders are an integral part of this concept.  Your customer makes a purchase; they get an immediate thank you response.  Your customer makes a return; they get an immediate ‘we’re sorry’ response.  Your customer asks for more information and ‘bam’ they have it in their inbox before they can leave your website.

Autoresponders are instant need based communication tools.

How do you write an autoresponder?  That depends on its goal.  Like any communications your reader wants them to be professional, to the point and easy to follow.  An online course delivered via auto responder is generally about 400-500 words long.  If the course is any longer, you run the risk of losing your audience before they get to your call to action.  If you have more to say than 500 words, put it in a book or report that your reader can download.

Again, make sure the copy it is formatted to be easy to read. That your headlines and subheadings offer a benefit and that each paragraph sticks to the point.   You can use your content to embed links to your website, products, services, other articles and even other relevant sites.  This will make your copy more interactive.  As with all embedded links, design them to open on a separate page.  This way your reader doesn’t leave your website or auto responder message.

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