How to Write a Business Email

business email

Today’s market has a few basic demands from their email messages:

  • They must not look like spam
  • They must be easy to read, their point must be clear and concise
  • They must be at the right frequency, but that is something you’ll have to discover for yourself
  • They must have a point…don’t just send email because you usually do on that day
  • They must provide a clear benefit to your reader

Taking the first demand, SPAM is fairly easy to avoid.  Don’t send an email to people that haven’t requested that you do so.  Additionally, make sure that your “From” line is clear.  Send your emails from your business name or from you personally.

Making an email easy to read, and with a clear and concise point can be handled a number of ways.  First, make sure that your subject line is compelling.  Subject lines that offer a benefit are more frequently opened than those that don’t.  The only job your subject line has is to get the recipient to open it.

If your email is a promotional message then state the offer in the subject line.  “10 Days to Save More than 50% off Everything”.

You can also create a little curiosity with your subject lines, but use the technique sparingly. Ex. “This made my blood boil” or “You never know until you try this.”

The body of your email then must be easy to follow.  Format it so that the reader can quickly decide if the email is relevant and beneficial to them.  Bullet point your benefits, make a promise, and don’t forget to include a call to action.  Keep the email focused on one thing at a time and you’ll get much better results.

Remember to include links in your email back to your website or offer page.  If you’re emailing a newsletter, don’t forget to offer a forward to a friend option and give your readers the ability to comment on your newsletter or contact you.

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