How to Use The Twitter Facebook Application


twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTwitter makes it easy for you to share your tweets on Facebook, too. This guide shows you how to set up and customize your application.

To get started, navigate to:

Install Application

To activate the application, you need to start by installing it. Click “Install” as shown below:



Facebook will automatically open in a new window and you have to give the Twitter application permission to access your account. Click “Allow” to continue the process.



Next, you’ll be asked if you want to connect your Twitter and Facebook account. Click “Allow” to proceed.


  Connect to Profile & Pages

You can connect your Twitter updates to your profile and any Facebook Pages you have set up. You can also transfer your avatar from one account to the other, if you’d like.  We are going to connect Twitter to our Facebook Page in the example below.


 We have clicked our Facebook Page and now, once again, have to give permission for Twitter to post to our Page. Click “Allow” to continue.



 How it Looks

We go to Twitter and write our tweet. It appears in the timeline:



And the tweet will then appear on Facebook, with the note that it came “via Twitter” as shown below:



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