How to Use Tenrr


Tenrr is an online gigs website that allows you to place gigs for anywhere between $1 and $10. There are two main differences between Tenrr and other sites:

1)     You can price your gigs as low as $1. Most other online gigs websites require a minimum purchase amount of $5. This allows you to undercut other sellers, as well as get people into your sales pipeline for $1 then upsell them on other products later.

2)     People who come to Tenrr are expecting to pay $10, because of the website’s name. It’s true that there are people selling low prices services on the site, but the vast majority of sellers sell their services on this site for $10.

What Kind of Services Are Offered?

Because you can charge $10 rather than $5, there are a lot of services that you could do on Tenrr that just wouldn’t be worth it on other sites.

For example, there are audio editors that offer to take the noise and other artifacts out of sound tracks for $10. There are people who’ll do video testimonials for $10. There are people who’ll turn any song into a dubstep ringtone for you. There are people who’ll build an entire PPC keyword list for you.

The list goes on and on and on. The key here is that people can afford to do more in depth gigs, because they’re getting paid double the money to do it.

Credibility & Payment Systems

Tenrr’s system works a lot like other gig-based systems.

There’s a feedback system where people can either “Smiley Face” or “Unhappy Face” a gig. You’ll be able to see the provider’s feedback both in the form of individual votes as well as in percentage form.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the gig’s tweet count. People are encouraged to post their gigs on their Twitter feeds. Any tweets are tracked and the tweet count is displayed on Tenrr.

Tenrr’s payment system works a little differently than other sites. Unlike Fiverr and Gigbucks, which both take 20% of your earnings, Tenrr has no fee whatsoever.

The payment is made directly from the buyer to the seller’s PayPal account. All you pay are the PayPal fees.

Unlike other sites that actively try to prevent buyer and sellers from connecting through other means, Tenrr encourages it. You can exchange emails, phone numbers and Skype IDs through their system without violating the TOS.

Here’s how to create a gig on Tenrr.

Step 1: Sign Up

Click “Sign Up Now” on the left hand side.


Go through the simple one-step registration process.


Step 2: Start Your First Gig

Click “Start Selling” to get started.


Click “Create a New Job” on the next page.


Step 3: What Will You Do?

Give a quick description of exactly what service you’ll provide in exchange for their payment. This will be your title in the marketplace. Make sure it both clearly describes your offer as well as makes your listing stand out.


Step 4: Determine the Cost

How much do you want to charge for your service? You can charge anywhere between $1 and $10.


Step 5: Select a Category

The category you put your service under is critically important. If you end up the wrong category, your listing won’t be seen by the right people in your target market. Select the category that most closely matches the service you’re offering.


Step 6: Write a Description

Write a description that describes exactly what you’ll provide. Make sure to address any questions that they might have about your services. Remember: If they have a question that’s unanswered, chances are they just won’t buy. Very few people will take the time to ask.

Use action words and benefit statements to get people really excited about your offering.


Step 7: What Information Do You Need?

Tell the buyer what kind of information you’ll need to fulfill on the order. If you’re building backlinks for example, you’ll need to know what site to point the backlinks to. If you’re doing a lesson, you’ll need to know when and how to contact them.


Step 8: Tags

When someone types in a search on Tenrr, Tenrr will match their search up to your tags. If they match, your listing will come up. Try to type in as many relevant tags as possible.


Step 9: Time to Complete

Let buyers know how long it’ll take you to complete their purchase.


Step 10: Enter Your PayPal

Enter your PayPal address. Remember that on Tenrr people pay you directly through PayPal. The email address you enter in this field is the email that’ll receive the payment.


Step 11: Add an Image

Real images tend to do better than stock images. You should definitely try putting a face shot of yourself. You can also try other creative techniques, like using text in your image.


Step 12: Add a Video

Want to really make your listing stand out? Add a video explaining or demonstrating your service. Very few other people take the time to do this, so if you do it you’ll really beat out the competition.

To add a video, click the “Add More Images / Add Video” button.


Then just copy and paste in the YouTube URL of your video.


One of the biggest benefits of using Tenrr is that it’s completely free. You don’t lose 20% of your income.

Another big benefit is the ability to charge just $1 for a gig. One very powerful way to build a business on Tenrr would be to use low paying gigs to get people into your “marketing funnel.”

You can them sell them on more expensive gigs once they’ve already started to develop some trust for you.

That’s how to use Tenrr to sell your services online. You’ve learned how to sign up for an account, how to create a listing, how to write a good description and how to stand out by adding video.

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