How to Use Gigbucks


Gigbucks is a website where people online can go to offer “gigs” in exchange for cash. You can provide almost any service, as long as it’s internet based. Gigbucks differs from Fiverr and Tenrr in one important way: Unlike these sites that specify your price for you, Gigbucks allows you to set your own price.

You can sell your services for anywhere between $5 and $50. If you’re selling a relatively easy to deliver service, you could just sell it for $5. If you’re doing something more in depth, you can sell it for $50.

This Makes One Big Difference

The ability to sell products for higher prices allows you to do one thing that you can’t really do on the other sites: Upsell.

You can create multiple gigs and use smaller gigs to “feed” into your larger gigs.

For example, you can offer to do a logo design for $5. If someone gets your logo design and loves your work, you can then upsell them on your website banner + business card + eBook cover design for $40.

In addition to selling your products for higher price points, you can also sell recurring gigs where your buyers are automatically billed every month for a gig you’re providing. This can turn into some serious passive income opportunities.

The Payout System

You can withdraw the money you earn from Gigbucks after 14 days. This is the holding period Gigbucks required to make sure the buyer doesn’t refund or complain after making their purchase.

Payments are made via PayPal. Gigbucks collects a 20% fee on all the transactions done through their system.

The Review & Levels System

Gigbucks has a user review system that can help you separate reputable sellers from the chaff. When a buyer purchases a gig, they have the opportunity to review the seller. The number of positive to negative reviews is expressed as a percentage.

In addition to a review system, Gigbucks also has a levels system. All users start at Level 1. In order to move to level 2, you have to sell 10 gigs at $5 and complete the gigs on time. You also have to maintain a 90% or higher rating.

At level 2, you can sell gigs for between $5 and $30. Once you’ve finished 25 gigs in total, again keeping up a 90% rating and doing all your gigs on time, you then get to level 3.

Once you’re at level 3, you can charge anywhere between $5 and $50 for your gigs. You also gain access to recurring gigs.

Here’s how to use Gigbucks to make money online.

Step 1: Become a Member

Go to:

Click “Join” along the top navigation bar.


Fill out the extremely simple membership form:


You’ll receive an email upon completing your registration. Confirm your email.

Step 2: Start Selling

Click “Start Selling” in the top navigation bar.


Then click “Create a New Gig” on the next screen.


Step 3: Write Your Title

Write a title that’s both descriptive and attention catching. Take a look at what some of your competitors are saying and see if you can write something even better.


Step 4: Pricing

Click the drop down menu to set your pricing. Keep in mind that you’re restricted to only $5 gigs until you’ve done 10 gigs and gotten your account to Level 2.


Step 5: Select a Category

Choose which category you want your gig to appear under. Choose your category carefully, as your target market will often be browsing gigs by category.

If you’re unsure which category to put your gigs in, spend some time browsing around Gigbucks to see where other people offering similar services put their gigs.


Step 6: Description

Describe your service. Make it as detailed as possible. Try to pre-empt questions and objections that people might have about your service.


Again, when in doubt, take a look at what your competitors are saying. Then try to make it better.

Step 7: Instructions

What directions do you need from your buyers to fulfill on your order? These instructions will be sent to buyers after they’ve placed their order.


Step 8: Tags

Tags are like keywords. Tell Gigbucks what your tags are, so that when people search for a service like yours, yours will show up.


Step 9: Steps to Completion

How long is it going to take to finish the gig? Be conservative when estimating this time period. Remember: If you’re late in delivering, it could prevent you from moving up to the next level. Customers can cancel and it can result in a bad rating.


Step 10: Add an Image

Add an image that both catches attention and gives people more information about your service. Try to upload a real image rather than synthetic image wherever possible.


Step 11: More Images, Add Video

If you want to add more images or add a video, just click “Add More Images / Add Video.”


A video can really help increase your conversion rate and sales. Adding a video is quite simple. Just create your video, then upload it to YouTube. Then place the link to the YouTube video in your Gigbucks gig.

Step 12: Delivery & Shipping

If your product is a digital delivery product that can be instantly downloaded, place the download link here.

If you’re selling a physical product and need to charge for shipping, you can set that here. Note that if you try to sell a digital product and charge for shipping, your gig will get disabled.


Creative Ideas for Making Money on Gigbucks

Want to make a little bit of extra money on Gigbucks? Here are a few ideas.

  • Become a reseller. Find gigs on Fiverr for $5, then go on Gigbucks and sell those same gigs for $10 or more. You don’t have to do any extra work except passing the orders along.
  • Teach a skill. Good at math? You can offer your math tutoring services on Gigbucks. You can do the same with science, with Photoshop or with just about anything else.
  • Share business experience. If you have job experience in any industry, you can offer to coach someone around that business. For example, if you’ve been a salesperson in the past, you can coach someone on how to sell better.
  • Writing. This is one of the easiest ways to get sales. Just offer to write unique content around certain topics.
  • Graphic Design. You don’t need to learn the ins and outs of all the different aspects of graphic design to do well on Gigbucks. You just need to learn one thing. For example, you can learn just logo design and still do very well.

That’s all there is to signing up for and posting gigs on Gigbucks!

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