How to Protect Gmail Inbox from Spammy Emails

email-spamGmail comes with built-in spam filters and they claim to have some of the most accurate spam filtering available. Of course, no system is perfect and there are things you can do to ensure your email goes exactly where you want it to.

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If You Get Spam in Your Inbox

If you log into Gmail and have spam in your main inbox, you can move items to spam and you can also report the spam to Gmail.  The first thing we can do is report the email as spam to Gmail by clicking “Report Spam”:


 Reporting an email a spam alerts Gmail and it also moves the email to your spam folder automatically. (HARO is not a spammer, I just needed a visual example).


If You Find Email that is Not Spam in Your Spam Folder

If Gmail puts email in your spam folder that is not spam, you can tell Gmail it is not spam. If you’re not sure where to find your spam folder, you can find the link in the far left menu:


Now that we’re looking at our spam folder, we see a message that shouldn’t be there, so we can select the email by clicking the check box and then clicking the “Not Spam” button.

 not spam

This will move the email back to your inbox.


Make a Safe Senders List

If you want to make sure email from certain individuals NEVER hit your spam folder, you can set up a filter to manage this.


On Settings, choose Filter option and then you can see a small link that says “Create Filter”:

 create filter

You can choose a multitude of features, based on your needs and then  Click “Create Filter”:

 create filter2


If there are senders you never want to see email from you can choose the “Delete it” option and then you will never see the emails enter your inbox.

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