How to Make the Most of a Webinar: Set Up an Email Marketing Follow Up Campaign

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The webinar marketing strategy is not over when the webinar is over. You must follow up with both attendees and those who missed it to get the full benefit out of conducting a webinar in the first place. Let’s go a little more into following up. Most of the money making occurs after the event is over, during the follow few weeks and even years later if they remain on your mailing list. Many sales will occur within the first week of the event when the attendees go over the material, look at the special offers, and utilize their coupons. There are ways to increase sales both directly after an event, and in the later weeks and months past the event.

Offer the Recording of the Webinar

Once the event is completed you can offer the recording of the event either for free to attendees or as an up-sell after the event. Whether you offer it free or for a fee will depend on whether the event was a paid event or a free event. If it was a paid event up-selling access to the recording is a good option. If the event was free, it’s better to just send the entire recording to all subscribers as well as post it on your website.

Optionally, you can offer another event as a viewing of the recorded webinar with a Q & A session after the recording is shown. This gives you an opportunity to have another quasi live event without having to do the entire thing over again. Any of the speakers could do this on their own with a  copy of the recording hosting their own Q & A after.

Send a Survey to Attendees

It was mentioned earlier, but it’s important enough to mention it here. Create a survey prior to the event to be sent out automatically a few hours after the event is complete. Ask them questions about the seminar and ask for feedback regarding possible topics they’d like to see in the future.

Offer an additional incentive such as a percents off coupon or an unannounced special offer or freebie to people who complete the survey. A good idea might be to have each speaker create a check list or one page of information such as step-by-step instructions for their topic then package that together as an incentive.

Send a Thank You to Attendees

12-email-marketingWithin 48 hours of your webinar send an email Thank You message. If you promised any additional information during the webinar this is a good place to include it. For instance, during a live event it’s possible that someone asked for information during the Q & A that you needed to send out, do it now. Everyone will be happy that you are sending the information and that you heard them during the live event.

This is also a good place and time to send out a link to or an invite to the recorded event. Some people like watching events over again, especially if they got distracted during the event by something at home or in the office. Being able to see it again will reinforce anything that was taught or brought up.

If you made contact with any one individual that wants a personal follow up, based on the Q & A, or the survey, follow up within 7 days to be most effective. People have short attention spans, the first week after the event is very important so be prepared in advance with the content loaded into your email marketing system in advance as much as possible.

Wrap It All Up

Conducting a profitable webinar takes planning to accomplish. But, once you do one, you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to build your mailing list, attract new audiences, and reap the benefits of increased profit. Whether you use webinars for training, product help, list building, or to promote new products is up to you, either way you’ll discover that webinars are simple, fun and profitable.

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