How to Hide Your Email Address from Spambots on Your Website

avoid-email-spamIf you’ve ever put your email address on your website (or any website), you probably know that your address is easily picked up by robots designed to collect email address for spammers. This guide shows you a few ways you can protect your email address when you want to allow people to contact you online.

The first two options do not use an email address and your best protection will come through these two options. If you really want to use your email address, options #3 and 4 give you options to protect yourself from some spambots.


Option 1: Use a Form Script That Excludes the Email Address in Form Code

Many form scripts include the email address in the coding. Use a form script that hides your address.

You can use one of the options at:

The form results will be delivered by email, but the spambot cannot find your email address off of your website.


Option 2: Use a Ticket System

You can use a ticket system that requires customers to submit a form that is stored online and also delivered via email.

You can try the ticket systems at:


Option 3: Use an Obfuscator

An Obfuscator is a program that converts your email address into a code that isn’t readily picked up by simple spambots, but is still clickable for your visitors.

Here is one you can use at:


The second example, uses Javascript and may provide more protection. However, the code will not work for any of users that do not have javascript enabled.

Just copy and paste the code you want to use above and put it in your website where you want your email address to appear.


Option 4: Format Your Email Address in Ascii

You can convert your email address to Ascii format and it may block spambots from getting your address. Here’s an Ascii converter that you can use: and it allows your email address to be clickable on your website.

You just enter your email address and then copy and paste the code into your website:


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