How to Have a Happy and Successful Life – Part 1

For the last few years of doing business online, I have always tried to keep my personal views and my business completely separate. It was never a secret that my main day job is living in Puebla, Mexico where my family and I serve as missionaries. ( It was never a secret that my husband is a pastor. That when my first child was only 4 months old, I left my home and went to a strange city where I did not know a single soul to start a church with my husband. I was never ashamed of my true passion in life… but I wanted to keep it separate.

I did the same with my friends from church. I was afraid what others might think if they knew that I had a “hobby” that was generating some extra income. I was afraid of being judged and possibly having churches stop supporting our work and stop supporting my husband if they “found out’ that I had a website that sold camping gear as a side income for my family. ( I was very careful to never connect my business to my personal profile online.

A few years ago the though was that you could create “personas” online that would be the face of your company. It was thought that you could create one single persona and publish blog posts and build up the credibility of your company through this persona. This has all changed in 2012. When Google began to have website owners link their websites to their Google+ profile… when customers began to search for the company profiles on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn… personas became a thing of the past.

This last August my family and I came to California for what is called a furlough. We are taking 6-10 months off of the mission field to do things like get all of the medical issues taken care of, have our kids spend a year in a Christian school so that they can experience the US culture and make friends, we are visiting our supporting churches and thanking them for the years of financial help they have given us… and we are calling on new churches to help us so that the work in Mexico can continue to grow. While here I have had the opportunity to meet in person with many business owners and attend many live events in the San Diego area. And something began to bother me.

It was probably the second MeetUp that I attended when it first happened. Everyone in the room it seemed like was talking about some new philosophy called “Access Consciousness’. They were talking about different levels of “bars”. About being certified as trainers for different levels. I was at another event where the whole focus was on sharing your unique philosophy with the world. They believed that everyone is put on this earth for a reason and that you have a destiny to share your message with the world and if you don’t share your message with the world, then the world is going to miss out. And finally a few weeks ago at yet another conference about how to become a speaker I was in line for lunch and I began to speak with the lady in front of me. I asked her what she did and she said she wanted to help people to align their left brains with their right brains. She said that people that have had traumas in their life have experienced a severance between the right and left brain and that is why they have all of the problems that they do and her mission in life was to help people align their left and right brain again. I asked her how she learned this and she told me me that it all came to her in a dream one night…

Now I don’t know if I just attract crazy people or what. But one thing became extremely clear to me in that moment.

If all of these people have as their mission in life to create an entire business and live around a dream… around a vain philosophy… around a set of life principles some person invented… and they are willing to share and teach others these things… how can I continue to keep quiet? How can I NOT share the truth as I know it to be from the word of God. What I believe is not based on a dream. It is not based on man-invented philosophies. It is not based on vain philosophies. It is the truth. From God’s Word.

So I am here to say today… I am done keeping quiet. I am done separating my business from my personal (religous) life. I am done sitting politely by as others are preaching things that are not only simply not true, but are replacements for true Biblical principles and are keeping people from actually knowing the truth.

So if you are offended… please just unsubscribe. If you have a willing spirit and want to ask questions.. I am ALL IN. If you want to fight or try to change my beliefs… it’s not going to work.

So tomorrow I am going to share not MY truth. But God’s truth. I am going to share how exactly you can have a happy and successful life according to God’s word.

If you are “successful” but still feel unsatisfied… if you still feel like there is a black hole in the center of your heart that you just can’t fill… if your marriage is struggling.. if your kids hate you… there are answers. There are solutions. God’s word has them.

So help me out here. What do you think? For all my Christian friends… do me a favor and leave a comment below. It will help encourage me and it will help spread this message to all of my unsaved friends.

2 thoughts on “How to Have a Happy and Successful Life – Part 1”

  1. I applaud you and I’m there with you. There are so many beliefs circulating around that I find myself saying “are you forgetting about God” or “How can I find balance and satisfaction if I believe that it’s all up to me and nobody else”. Thank you for speaking your mind and sharing your religious believes with us. I actually met you last October in Las Vegas at the Wedding MBA. Sincerely, Ricardo Naranjo – Elegant Details- Floral and Event Design.

    • Thank you Ricardo! Wedding MBA was a lot of fun and I was fortunate to meet so many good people there! I have already experienced so many blessings since publishing this post… and I don’t believe in coincidences!


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