How To Get Unstuck

I know you’ve been there: Sitting in front of your computer, for two, maybe three hours “working” on a project but really getting nowhere. Your mind literally feels like it has turned off but you can’t stop thinking to yourself, “I have to get this done. I have a deadline.” And, because of this pressure, you refuse to get up and move from your desk. You won’t do anything else, or let yourself get distracted by anything else, until this is done.


Here’s the thing: That is actually the worst thing that you can do when you find that you are stuck.


The best thing that you can do is to stand up from your desk and walk away. Take a break, even though every piece of you wants to stay put until you finish.


Of course, not all breaks are equal. There are certain things you can start doing that will actually make you feel worse — and won’t really get you anywhere. There are, however, some very specific types of breaks you can take that help you get unstuck. In my experience, there are two breaks that really work wonders for getting unstuck.



The first is spending time with your family and kids. And, the second one is going shopping.


Of course my husband prefers the first one! 🙂


Just going for a walk with my husband once or twice around the block can do wonders to clear my head. We’ll talk about different things and different ideas, about the kids or the ministry, and, as soon as we do, I get removed from the situation I was previously working on. And when that happens, I can come back to it with a fresh perspective.


Shopping can be a motivator as well. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything. But getting out there, and seeing the things that you’d like to buy, can sometimes motivate you to get your business going!


So, if you’re feeling stuck in your business, don’t just sit there. Get up and take a break!

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