How I Saved My Client 12+ Hours Per Week With A Quick 30-Minute Fix

I would like to share with you how I was able to save one of my clients 12+ hours every single week just by automating one small area of her business.


I just started working with a new client, someone who was just on the brink of breaking seven figures. My work with her is geared around trying to get through that seven figure barrier together. So, during my second call with her, she started sharing that one of her biggest frustrations in her business was spending over 12 hours a week doing this one specific thing over and over again. She couldn’t figure out how to automate this one thing. Now, this client already knew how to leverage Infusionsoft; she had built most of her campaigns inside of it. Because of this system and her understanding of marketing, she was able to grow her company from six to almost seven figures in less than three years.


But, this one thing kept getting in her way.


What was happening is that her team of coaches needed to have access to new customers’ information. Every time a new customer came in and signed up for a coaching program, this new customer would need to get assigned to a coach and, then, their information needed to be shared. And, because she couldn’t figure out how to automate this, she needed to manually do this herself every single time somebody signed up.


And, as soon as she said it, I knew we could automate this with Infusionsoft. I told her not to worry and that I’d have a fix for her ASAP. Of course, she didn’t believe me. She really didn’t think it was possible.



So, that weekend I got together with my tech team and we made the fix in literally thirty minutes. This one small tweak made everything possible. As her fractional CEO, I was able to see the problem and, instead of viewing it from her “in the work” perspective, use my different angle to quickly find a solution — something that she was never able to see herself because she was convinced it wasn’t possible.


When you allow someone else to help you in your business, someone who isn’t as focused as you on every detail, then things get done and problems get solved.

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