Guest Posting: How to Get Readers to Follow You

Guest Blog PostGuest posting is the latest craze in the online business world. Business owners everywhere want to post an article on a site that has a high page rank because it means they get a backlink, and that backlink can do wonders for their page rank. However, it’s not only the organic search engine traffic that drives people to guest post, it’s also the chance to entice that blog’s huge following to come over to their website.

When a website has a large following, it means good things for you. Hundreds or even thousands of people will read your guest post, and those people can share your article with everyone they know on social media. Now, this might make you think that the only thing you have to do is create a great article, and your work is done, but that’s not entirely correct. Writing a quality article is important, but it’s what you write in your byline that matters the most.

The Secret to a Powerful Byline

Your byline is where you will state your name, what you do, your website, and any other information you want readers to know. It’s your time to sell your business in a paragraph.

You can’t be boring in this section. People won’t read it if they know it’s just some gibberish about your business. They don’t know you, and they won’t feel motivated to know you if you come across as just some prerecorded message.

Byline TipsThe secret to a powerful byline is to give the reader one more piece of information they can’t deny. You have to hide it in the byline, so they don’t even realize that it’s really you trying to sell your business.

So, what’san example of some ways you can write a good byline? Check out these examples:

Want more information to help you [state a problem]? Get a complete guide that helps you [solve whatever the problem], come by [website name] for a free copy of [eBook or report you have available]. It can save you from [the consequences of the problem].

[Your name] hosts a [frequency of a webinar] [catchy webinar title] that shows how you can [benefit the reader would like to have]. Sign up now to [solve a problem may have].

The idea behind the byline is to grab their attention, and then offer them something free to persuade them to come to your website. You want to bait them with the byline, so you can then reel them in when they come to your site looking for a solution to their problem.

Not sure what to offer as an incentive? Check out these ideas:

  • A subscription to a newsletter with helpful tips
  • A webinar invitation
  • A free report
  • A free consultation
  • Software download
  • Helpful spreadsheet, worksheet, template or some other tool that they may need or want
  • A video tutorial with instruction on how to do whatever was discussed in the guest post

By using your byline effectively, you can get people to come to your website to discover the power you can give them with your business. Now go out there and start guest posting!

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