You Help Your Clients Achieve Amazing Wealth Now a Proven System to Grow Your Business Beyond 7-Figures

This one proven system can help you get back control over your business while growing it exponentially.


You’re a successful entrepreneur who helps clients achieve amazing results, but when was the last time you turned that powerful eye to your own business?

Your company is successful despite a lack of organization. You have orders coming in and going out, and your employees are busy every single day. But no one is taking ownership, and there are no clear cut procedures in place to ensure you’re taking care of everything that needs done in the most efficient way possible.Who is looking at your whole business to make sure what you’re doing even makes sense?

You can keep feeding the machine every day because it’s making money, but you know that’s not the way to grow your business. You just can’t do it all—grow your business, streamline your operations, track your sales, and build the dream team you want.

There is a solution that can help drive your success in each one of these areas.

It’s a well-seasoned and successful Virtual COO with a proven system that works:

  • Even if … you’re completely overwhelmed by what needs done
  • Even if … you don’t have workflows and procedures currently in place
  • Even if … your staff is overloaded with to-do’s and daily tasks

And especially if you need help with:

  • Organization
  • Sales and business tracking
  • Building ideal teams

Let me ask you a question: What does your average day feel like?

If you start your day off already feeling tired and stressed about your workload and discouraged by disorganization, imagine the immense relief you’ll feel when your company is organized and efficient.

What would it mean to you to have a clear schedule for your day that gives you time to get back to what you love about your business? And what if you could get back time to spend on other things you love—like being with your family and friends?

For a select few clients, I partner with entrepreneurial leaders to bring about significant and lasting change that will take your business beyond the 7-figure mark. If you’re invested in growing your business and willing to commit to a proven system over the next 12 months to get there, read on to see how I can help you accomplish that.

Let me quickly outline what the next 12 months may look like. This is merely what might be included. Each program is custom-tailored to your specific business and personal needs and desired results.

Month 1-2:

A Deep Dive

Coined by the Harvard Business School as the “Deep Dive,” this intensive phase goes deep into the current state of your company. Through one-on-one meetings with your team leaders and departmental meetings with entire teams, I’ll discover what’s working and what’s not.

And by the end of the first month, working with your team, we will have created a 6-month plan to make over your business based on your strategic vision and mission and industry-wide best practices. Each department in your organization will have clear-cut objectives with mapped-out initiatives for the 6-month project.

During these first 2 months, my objectives will be in defining the operations management foundation on which your business will be rebuilt and executing your vision. This includes collaborating with you and your team to build and support teamwork and morale so that the company’s operations reinforce and embody your desired company culture while meeting both budget and strategic goals.


Month 3-4:

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved

I have another question for you: Are you tracking everything you need to know about your business?

Do you know what sells the most in your business and how it’s sold? What channels perform best for your products or services?

If you can’t answer these questions, it’s time to get tracking in place to capture the data that will help you make better business decisions. You do that by clearly defining your workflows and processes, and then attaching metrics to each step so that you can monitor your progress.

Metrics help tell you where your company is, where it is heading, what’s going wrong, and more importantly, when you reach a target. Good metrics will drive your strategies and the direction of your business while providing a focus for you and your employees.

This phase of the project entails creating a system to determine the ROI of each sales channels within your business. Most entrepreneurs know that their marketing is working, but they don’t necessarily track the results of all sales and marketing efforts to know the true conversation rate of your marketing campaigns.

I work closely with your technology team and leadership to set up a detailed system to track, monitor, and measure the success of your efforts. With digital marketing, it’s possible to know exactly where your efforts are paying off and to funnel your time, energy, and budget into those areas with the largest ROI.

This detailed system will be duplicated across every area of your company so that you can properly measure your success and make better business decisions about resources and strategies. And this system will also include documented SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) company-wide that details how to track and measure your success.

Month 5-6:

Digital Asset Inventory

This phase of the project is when I dig deep into your digital asset inventory. Working with your team, I will identify and inventory all of your products, order forms, sales pages, evergreen funnels, launch funnels, and more. The purpose of this inventory is to create a system to manage your digital assets to ensure they’re working for you, not against you.

Your team and I will set up new products, order forms, and even sales pages, as needed, to get your digital strategy off on the right foot. For instance, for every price point in your fee structure, a new product should be created. If this is not the case in your business, we have work to do.

We’ll look at all of your marketing assets, and if tracking doesn’t exist, we’ll set it up. Finally, we’ll develop marketing campaign support that gives you a consistent solution for naming, creating taglines, devising marketing strategy, and determining the campaign’s direction that can be used for all future marketing campaigns.


Month 7-8:

Leads, Leads, Leads

Your sales are only as good as your leads. And since data is the basic building block of solid analytics, I will build reports from your actual database that influence the decisions to be made and derive the optimization you need to grow your business.

To achieve this goal, I will dig deeper into how data comes into your database and all of the UTM parameters you use to track leads. One result will be the creation of a system to standardize and track the results of your marketing campaigns. Another will be the exact lead flow through your sales funnel and how that experience functions with new leads.

This detailed analysis will help to determine how your leads can be optimized to increase sales and impact your bottom line. We’ll set up a system to measure each aspect of your sales funnel so that your digital marketing efforts target specific leads and bring in more qualified prospects.

Month 9-10:

Time to Recruit

I have one final question: What would it mean to you to have your dream team of employees who get the big picture?

You could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted effort and lost time if your employees are doing unnecessary tasks just because that’s how it’s always been done.

Imagine how your average day would change if your employees had detailed plans to follow that tied in with your future goals. You need effective job descriptions and training in place to align your team and get them rocking.

And you need to find and hire the right leadership to make that happen.

Finding and hiring a winning team shouldn’t be a back-burner task on your list if you want to move your company to the next level. I will define job descriptions for each position in your company, create a standardized hiring process, and train your new team.

I will also manage and oversee your human resources function from recruitment and hiring to compensation and retention strategies, and everything in between. You can sit back and watch your dream team form and coalesce under your vision and mission.


Month 11-12:

Got Accounts Receivables?

I have the solution. In collaboration with you and your goals, I will set up a system to bring your accounts receivables down and more manageable. Part of this system includes self-service billing automation that allows your clients to take care of their payment issues themselves, like updating credit cards, etc.

I will work closely with your customer service team to create a standardized system for handling refunds, cancellations, and other aspects of accounts receivables that are affecting your bottom line.

Ready to find out more? Get started today!

I’m excited to learn more about your business and talk about how we can take it to the next level.

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