Facebook: How To Get More Followers

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Your Facebook page is only as good as your followers. The more people whom you can get to join your page, the better off you’ll be.

For many Facebook page owners, getting more followers can seem like an uphill battle. They post and post and post, yet the followers never seem to come.

How can you get more followers deliberately? Follow these tips.


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Your title should be based on a keyword that has search volume. That means people would naturally type in your page’s name and arrive at your page.

Keep in mind that this alone won’t get you much traffic. If you choose a term that has traffic, chances are there are already a hundred other pages that already compete for that term.

However, what this does allow you to do is capture massive amounts of traffic once you have a bit more traction. Try to go for keywords that are one or two levels deep. In other words, instead of going for “Photography,” try for “Wildlife Photography” or “Black and White Photography.”

Use the Google Keyword Tool at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal to make sure you’re targeting a keyword that has real volume.





Chances are, you know some people in your network that are serious influencers. These are people whose status updates are frequently “liked,” commented on or shared by other people.

Pay attention to your news feed and figure out which people in your network are influencers. Then message them directly and ask them to like your page and recommend it to their friends.

This works best with people whom you have a strong personal relationship with. Make sure to convey that you’re truly committed to providing value with the page and that their friends would benefit from knowing about your page.





Grab a Facebook widget that lets people “like” your page from your website. Add this widget to your sidebar, as well as on the bottom of your posts. The more traffic your website has, the more effective this technique will be. You can find widgets at: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/






Use either a sponsored story or a Facebook ad to get your Facebook page more exposure. Make sure to target only people who would likely be interested in what you have to offer, or else you’ll be over paying for the traffic.

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your page if you don’t already have a large base of users on your website.





One grey hat technique you can use to get an instant follower boost is to buy followers. Using this technique can be a double edged sword. Ideally, you should only buy followers from people who generate real followers who would actually be interested in what you’re offering.

Try to buy followers from other page owners. You can do this by asking them to post about your page in exchange for a payment. They might charge a per-fan rate or a single rate for the entire post.

Alternatively, you can look at internet marketing marketplaces like Fiverr or Digital Point for people who provide follower acquisition services. Again, be very discerning about which services you use and try to only get followers who would genuinely be interested in what you offer.





Finally, here are a few different content strategies you can employ to help increase the likelihood that people will like and share your content.

  • Post a video. Videos that are funny, shocking or highly information get shared much more often than text.
  • Run a contest. Make sure the contest involves getting people to like your page or share your page with their friends as part of the process.
  • Give away a free downloadable eBook or report. The report can get passed around by people, who’ll in turn come to your page and join your follower base.
  • Create a posting schedule for yourself. Post regularly, at least 5 times a week. The more often you post, the more likely you are to show up in people’s feeds.
  • Vary your tone. Post something controversial one day, then something strictly informational the next. Follow that with something comedic, then something almost off topic.
  • Always keep your end user in mind when writing your posts. Aim to provide value with everything you do on your Facebook page. Many of Facebook’s fastest growing pages grow completely organically with no promotion, simply from the value they provide.

That’s how to get traffic to your Facebook page. Growing a Facebook page takes a lot of effort. You can’t just create a page and expect it to grow itself. Instead, you have to actively cultivate your user base, entice people to join and get fans to share your content.


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