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Does your audience like getting their hands a little dirty? If so, Pinterest’s DIY and Crafts section might be a good place to reach them. It’s one of the most active categories on Pinterest, full of people who are doers.

Photos that tend to do well on DIY and Crafts tend to be “in action” photos of people applying some creative principle to something they’re doing at home. Are you creating art or making things easier in your house in a unique way? Take a high quality photo of it and post it on Pinterest!

Here are some of the most successful DIY and Crafts examples.

Melted Crayons

With over 64,000 repins, this image is by far a very popular DIY and Crafts photo on Pinterest right now. This image looks gorgeous and showcases a really unique idea. It’s photographed clearly and was done right all around.

This goes to show you really don’t need a heavy budget to succeed on social media. This whole project could have been done for under $100.



Daddy Hands

This photo is simple, yet touching. It has over 36,000 repins and is one of the most popular photos in the category.

This photo is a good reminder for social media users and marketers that sometimes it’s not all about strategy or technique. Sometimes just showing some emotion is all you need to build a connection with your audience.


Glue Gun

This pin shows people how to do something they’ve probably seen in other places before. A lot of people have seen these “writing on the bottle” kind of jars before, but never knew how to do it before. Chances are people have wondered how it’s done. This pin answers that question.

Showing people how to do things they already want to know how to do is a fantastic way to get repins and praise. Over 33,000 people agree.



Glitter Keys

Keys are something that people have with them all the time, all day, every day. It’s a chance to really show off your style in a subtle way. A lot of women who see a picture like this instinctively think to themselves: Wow, I’d love to have a key like that.

This pin shows a great example of what a finished product looks like, as well as shows people exactly how it’s done. It also illustrates how to get the glitter to stay on with nail polish.

Finally, the webmaster included a link back to their site. This link was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, making it not just a successful photo, but a successful marketing campaign, with over 31,000 likes.




Born, Met, Married

If you can make love shine through your images, it’ll probably be shared. This photo showcases a couple’s love for each other in a very artistic and creative way. Piercing pennies from the year you were born, the year you met and the year you got married really shows off two people’s commitment to each other. Many of the 100+ comments this photo got shared this sentiment.

How can you creatively use props to bring emotions alive?


Glowing Things

Things that glow, spark, explode, flash or look brilliant in other ways catch a lot of attention. This photo does this really well. It teaches people how to make a glowing, sparkling jar by pouring glowstick fluid and glitter inside and shaking it. About 23,500 people thought it was worthy of sharing.

Is there a graphically impressive way you can showcase your product or your ideas? A good example of a retail company doing this would be the “Will it Blend” BlendTec YouTube videos. They made strong graphic attraction the core of their business.




Telling a story can be a great way to get your stuff out there. Let people into your personal or business life, so people can get a sense of who you are. This photo does this spectacularly. You really get how much life these two people have lived.

Almost 20,000 people repinned this photo. Is there a way you can wrap a story into your photos?



Color Leaf

Sometimes spontaneity is what gets people to share. Thinking it through too much doesn’t help at all. For example, someone can just take a leaf, dunk it in paint and press it against a sheet of paper – And create one of the most widely pinned photos in Pinterest, to the tune of about 18,000 repins.

Have a crazy or wacky idea? Don’t filter yourself. Just do it and snap a photo.



Practical Clothes Hanger

Giving practical how-to tips is always in fashion. Especially if you solve a problem that everyone has, with a creative solution they never thought about. Capture that solution on film and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Everyone’s experienced having their clothes fall off the clothes hanger. Most people assume it’s just a problem they have to live with. Not so! This photo illustrates an exact solution. And over 18,000 people shared it.



Clean Shower Head

Here’s another example of someone solving a solution for their audience. Again, the formula for success is:

1)     The problem is widespread.

2)     The solution is simple.

3)     You can capture the solution on camera.

In this case, how do you clean a dirty shower head? Just follow these directions. Over 3,500 people liked it and over 178,000 repinned it.

Look around you. Are there creative problems you can solve?

The DIY and Crafts section of Pinterest can be an abundant source of traffic for anyone targeting people who care about their home, or feel artistic in any way. It’s also a great way to reach creative women. Be on the lookout for unique things you can share.



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