Conference Tips for Attendees of Traffic and Conversion Summit 2013 – Part One

So you are going to be attending Traffic and Conversion Summit on January the 18th, 19th, and 20th!  Here are some practical tips to help you make the most of the trip!


Like the Facebook Fan Page here:


Step One:  Like the Page.



Step Two: Leave an Update on the page!  The whole purpose of attending live events is to network.

Start the networking early and let everyone know you are coming!


Step Three: Share the graphic that says This Person is coming!

I have connected already with friends I have not seen in years this way!


Step Four: Find out which of your friends are going!

You can go to the LIKES and click on it and it will open into some basic Insights… the best of which is seeing which of your friends have also liked this page.  Since this page is specifically about the live event, there is a good chance they will be attending too!  Reach out to them via Facebook messages or post on their walls to let them know you will be there too!

Like the Facebook Fan Page here:


Repeat the above steps!  Be sure to check out the Likes… even though they are not guaranteed to be going to the conference, you can check out which of your friends might be more likely to be!


Finally add yourself and the friends you know are going to the FB List TCS2013 located here:

That way it will make it easy to follow the updates on everyone that is attending TCS2013!  A public list on Facebook is similar to using a # tag on Twitter.


Talking About Twitter…

Be sure to use the Hash Tag #TCS2013 !

See who else is talking about Traffic and Conversion Summit!


Then be sure you are following and engaging them also!


Next… add them to the Public List TCS2013


After Twitter.. head on over to Pinterest!

Watch a couple of videos and start getting excited!  Because YOU could be featured here some time next week!

Finally… head on over to the blog to read up on the latest industry news…

and be sure to leave a comment… or two!


Tomorrow I will post some tips about what to do once you are at the conference!

And if you are attending be sure to look me up!

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