Business Rockstars and Ken Rutkowski and Developing Future Entrepreneurs

Today I had the privilege of appearing on the radio show:

Had an amazing time with the host Ken Rutkowski!

Ken really knows how to put on a show and I know I will be listening in to his future episodes!  He is on Itunes so you can download the podcast and listen that way also!

Although the focus of the show was sharing my story and how I started my first small business from the country of Mexico, there were also a lot of good business tips and strategies that we talked about that can be a help for entrepreneurs.

Some of the highlights are these:

Make your blog your hub.  Anytime you are publishing new content on the web, publish the first and best version on your blog.  You can then create shorter versions or different versions and link to the blog post in order to drive traffic to your blog.

Get social.  If you have been waiting for the right time to start to do social media, it is here!  You need to develop a presence on the social media platforms and then use the share and like button on your site to promote the content.

Start capturing leads.  If you want to truly market to your prospects and grow your business, you have to have a steady flow of leads.

Be thinking of the next generation.  Watch for future episodes where Ken is going to be bringing on some teen entrepreneurs… kids under age 18 that are doing amazing things on the internet.  Ken even twisted my arm and made me promise to throw in a free website for each of the kids that come on his show!  I am so excited to be a part of helping young entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reward the progress they have made so far.

If you are in the LA area, be sure to tune in!

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