The One Easy Automation-featured

The One Easy Automation That Helped Me Increase My Sales by 50%

By Nicole Munoz

As an inbound marketing agency, Start Ranking Now Inc. includes an incredible team of professionals that are assigned specific stats to support our sales and marketing initiatives. Like any agency, while we have designers, copywriters, and project managers, we also have an assistant with one specific job; she schedules my free strategy sessions. These are … Read more

Is your Email Marketing Open Rate on Target

Is Your Email Marketing Open Rate on Target?

By Nicole Munoz

During a recent email marketing campaign, a colleague achieved a 30% open rate on her newsletter. She asked me if this was a good target or should her results be even higher. The answer to this question isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. Simply different niches as well as industries enjoy a … Read more

Do you need advance email marketing software

Do You Need Advanced Email Marketing Software?

By Nicole Munoz

There’s no question in the business world that your email-marketing list is one of the most valuable assets to your company. This carefully procured database of names and email addresses helps you: Stay in touch with previous customers Convert new customers over time Keep your business front of mind If you don’t have an email-marketing … Read more

3 Recent Facebook Changes That Affect Your Business Page-featured

3 Recent Facebook Changes That Affect Your Business Page

By Nicole Munoz

On April 21, 2015, Facebook announced that they were making three changes to their algorithm. The changes were based on a survey that asked Facebook users what they would like to improve about their personal page feed. As you might already know, on Facebook only personal page likes count on a business page. (That’s why … Read more

Goals, Strategies, and Tactics for a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

By Nicole Munoz

Goals are not strategies and strategies are not goals. Having coached 118 entrepreneurs over the last 18 months, I have found that there are 3 types of business owners. Dreamer David Goal Setting Gary Analytical Andy Click Here to Download Your 2015 Goal Setting Worksheet Dreamer David has a business and has enjoyed moderate success … Read more

How to set measurable and achievable goals for your inbound marketing strategy for 2015!

By Nicole Munoz

Today is January 1st, 2015. Where has the time gone??? Are you ready for your best year ever? I know I am. To get ready for the New Year and purpose to have my best year ever, here are some things I have done that I hope can be a help to you. 1. Clean … Read more

How LinkedIn Posts Can Change Your Business

How LinkedIn Posts Can Change Your Business

By Nicole Munoz

Is LinkedIn part of your social media marketing strategy? It should be. “But LinkedIn is for posting resumes and looking for jobs,” you may say. Once upon a time that was the case, but that time has passed. The executives at LinkedIn are broadening their horizons, and that’s good news for you. For a few … Read more

How To Use One Idea On Multiple Sites-featured

How To Use One Idea On Multiple Sites Without Duplicate Content: Social Media Mash-Ups

By Nicole Munoz

Effective marketing requires more and more content as different platforms become available. It can exhaust your creativity and monopolize your time. As a small business owner, you can’t afford the overhead required to hire a full time team of marketers to cover all the bases. What can you do? “Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.” … Read more

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Stale-featured

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Stale?

By Nicole Munoz

Things online change quickly. Two years ago, Google changed its search engine algorithm and left businesses scrambling to regain their place in search results. More recently, SERP stopped showing author photos and videos. Why? Because they stopped standing out distinctly from other search results. Everybody caught on and implemented the same strategy. And LinkedIn now … Read more

The 7 Steps of the Buying Process-featured

The 7 Steps of the Buying Process

By Nicole Munoz

Before creating the next piece of content for your site, you need to STOP and ask yourself this one crucial question. Before I reveal this one critical question let’s talk about content. What is the purpose of content on a website? Search Engine Optimization? Stay in communication with my customers? Show that I am an … Read more

9 Most Common Myths about Productivity-featured

9 Most Common Myths about Productivity

By Nicole Munoz

There are myths and mistaken beliefs that could be preventing you from being more productive in both your personal and work life. Your beliefs about productivity and organization can often prevent you from doing exactly what you want to do and to be in life. You can’t control your circumstances, but you can control how … Read more

15 Productivity Killers -featured

15 Productivity Killers That Are Keeping You Away from Your Goals

By Nicole Munoz

What Kills Productivity? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some seem to get way more done than others. Let’s take a look at a few of the more common productivity killers. These can be killing your productivity in either your personal or business life. Killer #1: Too much on your … Read more