How to Get Better Results with LeadPages

By Nicole Munoz | July 24, 2014

LeadPages offers a simple way to create a multitude of different types of landing pages without understanding of any sort of code. But, to make it work harder for you, it’s imperative that you understand how to use it best to get the results you want. Get Prepared Understand in advance what type of money … Read more

How to Secure More Opt-ins with LeadPages

By Nicole Munoz | July 22, 2014

    A sales page, sometimes called a landing page, name capture page, launch page, squeeze page or registration page is a way to highlight one particular product, service, event or opportunity designed to sell a product, service or to simply collect leads. These are known as the “money pages” of your website. Money pages … Read more

How to Write a Marketing Email

By Nicole Munoz | July 21, 2014

Autoresponders are the email messages that are sent to customers or people that have expressed an interest in your website products or services.  They can be used to send transactional emails – thank you for your purchase, attached is your download etc. They can also be used to deliver classes, lessons, or tidbits of information … Read more

How to Write a Business Email

By Nicole Munoz | July 19, 2014

Today’s market has a few basic demands from their email messages: They must not look like spam They must be easy to read, their point must be clear and concise They must be at the right frequency, but that is something you’ll have to discover for yourself They must have a point…don’t just send email … Read more

How to Write a Sales Page

By Nicole Munoz | July 17, 2014

Sales pages in theory cannot be interactive. You don’t want to imbed links and send your prospect to another website and you don’t want them to be distracted by activities.  But you can use tools like video, allow social sharing and other interactive elements. You want your sales page to engage your reader and compel … Read more

How Do You Manage To Get Work Done with Kids at Home?

By Nicole Munoz | July 16, 2014

Many online business owners work from home. And just as many may have kids at home with them during the summer break. It doesn’t matter whether they are young children or teens, working at home with kids can be challenging. Not only do you have to find time to work your business you have to … Read more

How to Run Your Business While on Vacation

By Nicole Munoz | July 15, 2014

Summertime – that time of the year when everything slows down and moves out of doors. “Less work, more play” is often the motto found on the minds of many. It’s a time when you spend a day at the beach or lake, or take an afternoon off work just to be outside. Kids are … Read more

Copywriting Basics for Business Owners

By Nicole Munoz | July 15, 2014

With any website, the more you can make it interactive and user friendly the better it will be.  Take a moment and consider your favorite website.  When you’re sitting on the couch in the evening watching television, what website do you surf?  Why do you surf it? Conversely, when you’re looking for information on the … Read more

15 Podcasting Tips followed by the Experts

By Nicole Munoz | July 7, 2014

Adding a podcast to your marketing mix and to your website is a valuable and economical marketing tool that can bring you fantastic results.  You’ll grow your target audience, build a community around your brand, product, or service, and – best of all – you’ll help people learn more.  Podcasts are a win-win for both … Read more

Podcast Essentials: What You Need to Succeed

By Nicole Munoz | July 5, 2014

The best way to increase the number of listeners you have is to tell everyone about your new podcast.  If you have an email newsletter, then promote, and link to your podcast in your emails.  If you have a blog, promote and link to your podcast there.  Include a signature “visit my podcast” or “listen … Read more

Traffic Funnels – the right way!

By Nicole Munoz | June 27, 2014

  At the end of the day, it always comes back to sales! Today I want to share with you the top 5 ways you can get more clients fast! 1. Get more leads. It should go without saying, that if you don’t have any leads at the top of your funnel, your business is … Read more

How Your Competitors Get Ahead of You…

By Nicole Munoz | June 25, 2014

You’re a smart person. You have a business.  You have a successful business.  You have overcome challenges and learned what works and what does not. Now is not the time to stop. Now is not the time to get comfortable. Every day your competitors are advancing and if you do nothing, your business will left behind. … Read more