It’s a Bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s a Super Marketing Machine!



Clean up your application so you can know if your marketing actually works..



It’s a mess. You’re filled with stress, worry, and overwhelm wondering…

  • How do I even begin?
  • Will I break something important if I make changes to my application?
  • Can I really trust my metrics? How do I get good data?
  • How do I know if my marketing is actually working?
  • The app sucks up so much time from me and my team… how can I streamline this process?

Because you know that if you want a superhero business then you need a superhero system. 

And right now it feels more like the villain.

Guess what? There’s good news!

You can stop losing time, money, and leads. Instead…


Instead of you working for it.

YES! Rescue My APP!

Are You Sure that Money You’re Giving Zuck & Sergey is Working for You?

I watched as my client’s face shuffled through a tumult of emotions after I told him the news... 

...devastated about wasting so much money

...betrayed by their expensive consultant who never set up their app correctly. 

...imagining what else they could have done 

...thankful for hiring me. 

Wishing they had known about it sooner. What exactly had I just said?

That his yearly $250,000 in ad spend was converting at 0% 

No — that’s not a typo. ZERO percent.

Now, you’re probably thinking… 

How did this happen?

Clearly he had a team of people that should know that, right?

He’d hired an “expert” that told him it was impossible to track organic and paid traffic separately. 

I called out the “expert” and implemented my system to prove it. 

What I found blew my mind. 

I did not expect to find that my client’s paid ads were not converting at all. 

As a final test, we turned the paid ads off and guess what… No change in sales. 

The $750,000 spent for paid ads over 3 years didn’t convert

Three quarters of a million dollars gone. Poof.  

Lining Zuck & Sergey’s pockets in NOT how my client wanted to spend that money.

How could this happen? Two reasons…

They trusted the wrong expert.

Their Infusionsoft app was so messed up

my client didn’t know enough to realize the consultant was lying.

How much money could you be losing right now?

Stop risking any more time and money by setting your Infusionsoft® the right way.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.”

Most of you don’t have the proper Infusionsoft® setup. It’s really not your fault. Infusionsoft tells you all the amazing things you CAN do, but not HOW to get there. Users are so excited to get going and generate revenue with the shiny new tool they just got. They jump in without any strategy or guide. And with great power comes great responsibility…. but an improper setup is Infusionsoft’s kryptonite. Now, big and small companies alike have a huge Infusionsoft mess on their hands. 

It’s no WONDER how the app got its unfortunate nickname “Confusionsoft.”

You know the potential for greatness with Infusionsoft® is there! I’m sure you’ve tried...

  • Doing it yourself or leaving it to the in-house marketing person without a clear system or guide. Which has left you with an app that not even Spiderman could untangle. 
  • Outsourcing to a VA or expensive Infusionsoft expert to help organize your app and finally figure out this marketing thing. But they just plowed through like the Hulk, destroying everything in their path. 

Had consultant after consultant that set up their own system each time. And now you want to NUKE the whole thing and just start over

You’re so fed-up with the mess that you’re ready to just throw it all out and start from scratch.

You Don’t Need to Start Over!

  • You have SO much valuable information in there... Order history, campaign history, customer information! 
  • Don’t lose that wonderful and important data... that will be the difference between a “meh” Infusionsoft app and a well-oiled marketing machine.


You Can Rescue Your Infusionsoft® App and Turn it into a Superpowered, Superhero System.

There is a way! A simple yet revolutionary step-by-step process you can do to get that data, optimize your marketing, and clean up your Infusionsoft application. 

Because I realized that for ANY strategy to be successful you just need to get these 3 simple rules…

Systemize the right things

Document effectively

Delegate to your team, freeing up your time

Hi. I’m Nicole.

This approach has taken me from earning $1/hour as an English teacher in Mexico to building 6-figure businesses

But I didn’t start like that… I used to be where you are right now. I wondered if I was ever going to be able to track my marketing efforts and get the most out of my Infusionsoft® app

I constantly felt frustrated because I knew there was a great breakthrough out there… just within reach… if only I could figure out how to grab it.

On one hand, I had a powerful marketing automation machine. But on the other, I knew I was spending a lot of money on marketing, like my paid ads, and needed to know if my efforts were successful or not! 


It was awful… but I was determined to figure it out because I had 7 kids depending on me.

I knew it was possible. That if I could only figure out what I was doing wrong, I could finally

  • Stop the headaches and feeling overwhelmed
  • Stop wasting my time on things that weren’t getting results
  • Stop working nights and weekends to spend more time with my kids
  • Do all the amazing marketing things that I knew Infusionsoft could do
  • Take my business to the next level…. For my own sake and the sake of those relying on me

I tried hiring experts to help me clean up the mess. And discovered that they simply make more of a mess. There weren’t any books to study or courses to take. Nothing helped me clean up my Infusionsoft® app.

Enough was enough. If the “experts” couldn’t help me then I would just have to do it myself.

And that’s what I did. I rolled up my sleeves and devoted years of time and money to figure out what worked.

Not only did I do it for myself, but I worked behind the scenes with Internet Marketers such as Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, and Ryan Levesque. Before I could help with their launches and campaigns, I had to swoop in and rescue their Infusionsoft® apps. I spent weeks to months cleaning up the mess previous consultants or employees left. Only after that could they do the marketing they wanted to do.

With a lot of determination, I mapped out a reliable step-by-step system for cleaning up Infusionsoft® apps that we still use today. I have personally trained over 100 Infusionsoft users with this method.

And now I want to give those same tools to you. With this process and your amazing talents and efforts, I know you can soar.


Transform your app into your business’ very own intelligence center with this 5 part course so you can trust your campaign data and know what’s working and what’s not. Perfect for entrepreneurs that want their own J.A.R.V.I.S.

This product is for any Infusionsoft user making at least 1K per month OR spending 1K/month on paid advertising. Whether you…

  • Want to set your app up the right way the first time
  • Are overwhelmed by the current mess inside your app
  • Need to know what parts of your marketing work
  • Want to perform sophisticated marketing tests
  • Don’t even know where to start
  • Can’t afford to waste any more time
Rescue My APP Now!

With App Rescue You Can

Abolish Confusion

Trust Your Numbers

Take Back Your Time

Exactly what you need to clean up and track your marketing efforts.

(And we’ve designed this so you can hand it off to a OBM or an excellent VA.)

What’s Included in App Rescue?

Module 1: Foundations

In this video training you’ll learn the foundational approach to an Infusionsoft audit.

  • Clean your App even if you don’t know where to begin
  • Organize your CRM to save hours of time, piles of money, and massive headaches

After this section you’ll have...

  • Confidence in your investment to clean up your app now and unleash your marketing capabilities
  • More time to do the things that really matter

Module 2: Proper Product Creation

In this video training you’ll learn how to create products the right way for the last time.

  • Establish product naming conventions using our secret methods so things don’t get jumbled again
  • Systemize your product creation to keep things organized for the future
  • Clean up your existing products so everything is reset properly and ready to move forward.

After this section you’ll have...

  • A standardized product process to lower costs, reduce errors, and increase efficiency
  • Confidence in your data to discover which prices and payment plans work best

Module 3: Order Form Hacks

In this training, you’ll learn how to handle order forms properly.

  • Step-by-step order form creation so you didn’t miss any critical steps  
  • Set up payments and payment plans that will attract more people 
  • Best implementation options depending on which order form route you decide to take

After this section you’ll know how to...

  • Optimize your order forms for maximum conversions
  • Set order forms up right so you won’t lose customers at this critical step

Module 4: Successful Campaigns

In this training you’ll learn how to stop your potential customers from slipping through your campaign cracks.

  • Test existing campaigns so your team can find customers who are currently slipping through 
  • Create new campaigns designed to catch every conversion possible

After this section you’ll have...

  • Data and documentation so you can know if your campaign is working and make strategic decisions
  • Tests you can run to identify and fix errors because no matter how well you plan or how careful you are, there will be a crack in the campaign… ensure that no leads slip through your fingers

Module 5: The All-Important Tags

In this training you’ll learn how to make sense of your marketing automation when you fix the biggest mess of all.

  • Establish a tag system that allows you to finally make sense of all your marketing
  • Clean up existing tags so everything is ready to move forward 
  • Manage your tag system so you can keep your meaningful data meaningful

After this section you’ll be able to...

  • Easily track and analyze your data without getting lost in the weeds
  • Future proof your app so Infusionsoft will do what you want it to do today and in the future

I want to equip you with all the tools you need to clean up and audit your app. And I know an “audit” is intimidating, so that’s why I’m offering you a Lifeline!

Your Lifeline Call is one free 20 minute phone call with me, Nicole, in case you get stuck and need a helping hand. While I know you can do this all on your own, everyone needs a Batsignal in their back pocket (even if they never need it). So think of it as the Nicole Batsignal, because my mission is to rescue your messy Infusionsoft® app. 

In addition to Your Lifeline Call, I will equip you with more tools for your success…

You’ll get these Super Bonuses!

Your Lifeline Call

I want you to succeed! And I know that this is foundational, technical stuff. So if you get stuck or need assistance, I’m throwing you a Lifeline! You get one free 20 minute phone call with Nicole if you need help auditing your app.

Quickstart 17 Point Checklist

This is the 17 Point Checklist I use with all of my clients to audit their app. Set up your app correctly in areas of Administration, eCommerce,  Marketing, and CRM. Clean up and maintain your app so you can focus on growing your business.

Webinar Funnel Checklist

Discover how to set up the most popular funnel type, The Webinar, in your Infusionsoft® application. Don’t miss any of the important setup steps with this checklist. And ensure you have a successful, well-documented Webinar!

Two Tag Tamer & Video Instructions

If you don’t have your hands on my Two Tag Tamer system yet, let me tell you about it. Discover the two tags you need to find out the ROI of your paid traffic campaigns. Not only will you get the Two Tag Tamer, but you’ll also get a quick video of me walking you through the system. Figure out how your paid traffic is performing!

With APP Rescue You Will Get...

1. Foundation (Valued at $197)

2. Proper Product Creation (Valued at $197)

3. Successful Campaigns (Valued at $197)

4. Order Form Hacks (Valued at $197)

5. The All-Important Tag (Valued at $197)

Bonus! Your Lifeline Call (Valued at $167)

Bonus! Two Tag Tamer (Valued at $17)

Bonus! 17 Point Checklist (Valued at $27)

Bonus! Webinar Checklist (Valued at $37)

Total Value = $1233

Today’s Price = $197

What Our Happy Clients Think...

"I’ve long been considered an e-commerce expert. But when I saw Nicole Munoz speak in October, I realized how LITTLE I know! Nicole is so far ahead of the curve. She’s at the forefront of all the best short cuts and strategies to get traffic to your website. And she lays it all out in clear, easy, step-by-step education. Or she does it all for you. You choose."


"Nicole has developed a solid company in Start Ranking Now. I have seen excellent strategy and outcomes from her leadership and her team’s careful implementation of plans. I would recommend her and her team for high quality results."


“I can’t say enough about Nicole and her knowledge of Internet marketing. She and her staff really know what they are doing and do a fantastic job.” 

Renee Corbet

“Nicole is a powerhouse of online knowledge. In just 3 short months of applying what I had learned from her, my conversion rate tripled and my workload was cut in half. This is a woman who knows what she’s doing.”

Krystal, Co-founder of Kiva Yoga Institute

With APP Rescue You Will Get...

1. Foundation (Valued at $197)

2. Proper Product Creation (Valued at $197)

3. Successful Campaigns (Valued at $197)

4. Order Form Hacks (Valued at $197)

5. The All-Important Tag (Valued at $197)

Bonus! Your Lifeline Call (Valued at $167)

Bonus! Two Tag Tamer (Valued at $17)

Bonus! 17 Point Checklist (Valued at $27)

Bonus! Webinar Checklist (Valued at $37)

Total Value = $1233

Today’s Price = $197

I want people who are ready to optimize their Infusionsoft® app… for good. 

No future painful clean-up needed! 

The value you get from App Rescue is incredible… especially at the crazy low price of $197.

That’s only a micro-fraction of the price I usually charge. 

But it won’t be that way forever. This is my beta launch so the price will only go up from here.

Rescue your Infusionsoft App from Chaos.

Organize your app and save your business from hours of confusion

Set up your app right so you can get good data

Know if your marketing strategy is actually working

Finally use your app to do the amazing marketing you need

Because if you want a superhero business you need a superhero system. 

So put on your cape -  you can do this!

100% Money-Back Guarantee 60 Days

I know you can do this! No matter how messy your Infusionsoft® is, you’ll be on your way to a super organized, super powered marketing machine.

I’m so confident that I will make my hero promise to you...

If you use App Rescue and if you put in the effort to follow the course step-by-step, then your Infusionsoft will be organized and orderly. And you can finally use it to get data and know if your marketing is working. Or your money back.

That means if you sign up today, use the course’s secrets, and in 60 days you aren’t satisfied, then I will refund you 100%.

With APP Rescue You Will Get...

1. Foundation (Valued at $197)

2. Proper Product Creation (Valued at $197)

3. Successful Campaigns (Valued at $197)

4. Order Form Hacks (Valued at $197)

5. The All-Important Tag (Valued at $197)

Bonus! Your Lifeline Call (Valued at $167)

Bonus! Two Tag Tamer (Valued at $17)

Bonus! 17 Point Checklist (Valued at $27)

Bonus! Webinar Checklist (Valued at $37)

Total Value = $1233

Today’s Price = $197

Frequently Asked Questions About App Rescue

  • So what exactly is inside App Rescue?
  • You will have access to 5 pre-recorded videos of me walking through the modules. The course is set up so, after the first video, you can delegate this task to a business manager or trusted assistant.
  • I’m afraid that if I mess with my Infusionsoft I will break something… how will this course avoid that?
  • The course will take you step-by-step on how to clean up the app. It’s specifically designed to take baby steps in the correct order so you don’t break anything.
  • Right now I’m busy… I’m worried that I won’t have time! Can I take the course at my own pace?
  • Of course! These are pre-recorded videos you can watch and implement at your own pace.
  • How much time and money can I expect to save by organizing my Infusionsoft® app?
  • Taking the time now to transform your app from chaos to a well-oiled machine will save you hours of time after it is organized. Having your Infusionsoft® organized will save you 20+ hours per month. If you’re paying someone $20/hour, that is easily $400/month saved. Since the course costs $197 you will get back 10x your investment in time after just one month.
  • And that’s not including the money you could save by being able to finally  know and track your marketing.
  • My Infusionsoft® is such a big mess that I just want to hit delete. Why shouldn’t I just start from scratch?
  • You don’t want to lose the valuable data you already have in your application. That includes campaign history and customer information that you need.
  • How do I know if this will work for me?
  • Because it’s worked for my small and big clients (like Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, and Ryan Levesque). This is the exact system. Trust me, they had a lot bigger mess to clean up than you probably have. 
  • Also it will work if you take action. Richard J. Cussons said “Making money is boring. Making a lot of money is really boring.” This is foundational stuff,  but if you want to play with the big boys then you need superhero systems. If you put the work into the course then you can make Infusionsoft work for you.
  • Do any of the materials require additional payments?
  • No. Feel free to spend that money on your next business adventure. And that’s not including the money you could save by being able to finally know and track your marketing.
  • Why shouldn’t I just use an outside hire to do this?
  • You could but it would run you around $10,000 and they may make the situation worse.. One client paid me $60,000 to clean up the mess a previous “expert” made. App Rescue goes through my exact clean up process for micro-fraction of the cost.
  • Can I share this course with my team?
  • Yes! This course was designed so you can give this to an OBM or an exceptional VA.
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Of course! I hope you don’t have to use it. But if the course doesn’t work for you and you are not happy with your purchase, simply request a refund within 60 days  of purchase and we will send it over.

With APP Rescue You Will Get...

1. Foundation (Valued at $197)

2. Proper Product Creation (Valued at $197)

3. Successful Campaigns (Valued at $197)

4. Order Form Hacks (Valued at $197)

5. The All-Important Tag (Valued at $197)

Bonus! Your Lifeline Call (Valued at $167)

Bonus! Two Tag Tamer (Valued at $17)

Bonus! 17 Point Checklist (Valued at $27)

Bonus! Webinar Checklist (Valued at $37)

Total Value = $1233

Today’s Price = $197

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