8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Aweber As Your Autoresponder


Aweber is one of the leading autoresponder services in the small business space. They provide all the basic features you’d expect, such as list management, sending broadcasts, email scheduling as so on – In addition to some very neat advanced features.

Aweber also has a deep commitment to customer service. Many companies say that, but few truly mean it. When you sign up for Aweber, within 3 days you’ll receive a phone call from Aweber welcoming you to your account. You’ll also receive a similar message via postal mail. They’ll make you feel welcome and let you know that the door is always open to you if you have any questions.

Apart from all that, what is it that sets Aweber apart?


#1 – Deliverability

When it comes to deliverability, Aweber is the winner. Of all the other hosted autoresponder services (E.g. you’re not running your own server,) Aweber has the highest deliverability.

Aweber has carefully cultivated relationships with all the major internet service providers. They monitor the various web server IP addresses to make sure they don’t get banned or blacklisted.

They have careful screening processes and programs running to catch spammers

who use their servers.

If someone else on your IP address is spamming, that could result in your emails not getting delivered. That’s why Aweber has such a stringent policy around opt-ins and anti-spam.

When all is said and done, more emails from Aweber’s servers get delivered to someone’s inbox than any other service. It doesn’t end up in spam, it doesn’t “disappear” and it doesn’t get blacklisted.




#2: Over 150 Templates

Want your emails to stand out visually? Aweber makes it easy with over 150 different templates to choose from.

These templates are more or less click and send. You don’t need any special design skills. All of them were designed by world class designers and are ready to go. All you need to do is plug in your message.

Aweber has templates that fit every kind of style. If you’re looking for a corporate, professional vibe, there’s a template for you. If you’re looking for a whimsical, “Alice in Wonderland” kind of design, there are several to choose from. If you’re looking for something metallic and powerful, there are templates for that as well.



#3: Unlimited Lists

Aweber doesn’t charge you based on how many lists you have. Their price only increments based on the number of subscribers you have. That means you can segment your list however you want without having to pay extra.

If you have 10 different websites, you can easily create a different list for each of your websites. You won’t have to pay a dime extra either.


#4: Spam Rating

One of the best things about Aweber is its deliverability. In order to maintain that high deliverability, you need to make sure that your email isn’t getting caught by spam filters.

Certain words in emails tend to trigger spam filters. For example, the term “make money” in the headline could slightly raise your spam rating.

Aweber will actually tell you what your spam rating is. You can look at your rating, then go back and edit your email and see if your rating has changed. Using this rating, you can systematically change your emails until your spam rating is as low as possible.

In other words, you can now have full control over how likely it is that your email gets caught in spam filters.


Step #5: Built In Form Types

Aweber has many different built in form types for you to choose from. In the past, some of these would have required complex programming or custom plugins to perform. Now they can all be done within Aweber.

In-line Form: The in-line form is your standard form. It’s a plain HTML box that sits somewhere on your website.

Pop-Over: The signup form will pop over the rest of your website’s text. Since the pop-over isn’t a popup, generally it’s not blocked by popup blockers.

Lightbox: One of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal. Instead of just popping up a box, this will hover a box over your page while dimming everything else. It draws attention phenomenally well.

Pop-Up: Opens the signup box in a new window. This one is easily blocked.


Step #6: Suppression Lists

Are there people whom you want to filter out of your broadcast lists, but don’t want to remove them from autoresponders?

For example, say you run a workshop on money mindsets. A participant might have opted into receive a series of emails about money mindsets, and you want them to keep getting those emails. However, because you know they work for a competing company, you want to filter them out of receiving your special offers.

Whatever your reasons are for not wanting specific people to receive broadcasts, in Aweber it’s very easy to do this. Just use your suppression list. They’re still on your list, they just don’t receive broadcasts.


#7 – Split Test Broadcasts

Aweber allows you to split test different things in different broadcasts. The most common thing you’ll want to split test are headlines. You can also split test the entire email to see if mentioning price or using different offers makes a difference.

Split testing emails is a bit different than split testing a salesletter. With a salesletter, your goal is to find the best variation and make that your control. With emails however, even if you get split testing results, you’re really only going to use that email once.

So why do it at all? To increase your understanding of your list.

Do people respond better to fear or hope? Do people respond to discounts or benefit statements? The best way to figure these questions out is to test different selling tactics.

Though you might not be able to use the same email over and over again, you’ll be able to use the lessons you learn about your audience for the rest of your business’s life.



#8: Reports for Everything

Aweber is a data geek’s dream. If you’re a fan of tracked response and want to do everything you can to get your response rate up as high as possible, use Aweber. Aweber gives you all the tools you need to measure what’s working and what’s not.

Data points can be measured daily, weekly or monthly. You can break down everything from open rates to subscriber method to ad tracking and more.


These are some of the most important and most impressive features of Aweber. Aweber has one of the highest deliverability rates in the business, as well as several other key features that nobody else has. It’s no wonder so many people choose to use Aweber. We will review some other autoresponders in the next few days. Which one will YOU choose?

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