5 Ingenious Ways to Use Company Pages on LinkedIn


If you have a LinkedIn company page, have you paid attention to how other businesses are using LinkedIn? A lot of the larger companies are finding ingenious ways to use their LinkedIn company page.

A LinkedIn Company page can be added to showcase your business. These pages can increase your visibility and engage with your clients and prospects in new ways.

Here are 5 clever ways you can use LinkedIn:

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1. Create a related status series

Creating a series is a great way to show a related set of status updates on your LinkedIn company page. Having related updated increases the engagement of your followers and keeps the conversation going. It also expands your company’s influence since the content is shared.


2. Use LinkedIn as a Lead Generation

Recommend and share information on your products or services using your LinkedIn company page. Create marketing offers like free reports, demonstrations or even a free consultation to generate leads from your followers. Ask your customers to write a recommendation through your company page.


3. Use the Products and Services Tab Creatively

Of course you can and should add products and services in the Products and Services tab. But why not take advantage of this valuable space to further your marketing efforts? Add your special offers, your webinars, any free trials you are offering, videos, ebooks you have for sale and any other content that brings in leads.


4. Cross-Promote Your Social Media communities

LinkedIn is valuable real estate online. Go ahead and use its power to cross-promote you other social channels. Under the Products/Services tab you can have up to 3 rotating banner images. Create banner images with your links embedded for your company’s Services tab talking about your other social communities. The viewer can click through to another web page or another one of your social profiles.

Your business can run targeted ads on LinkedIn. These ads can lead directly to the Products and Services tab. Just remember it is a paid feature.


5. Grab Your Viewers Interest

First create a captivating banner or image for the top of your company page that makes it visually appealing. An image captures the audience’s attention. Without the image at the top of your company page, the page looks unfinished.

Then generate a buzz by creating a series of contests relevant to your business. Share the status updates on LinkedIn. You’ll start building followers for your page.

A LinkedIn company page can be used in many ways to draw attention to your business. Think creatively for ways to use LinkedIn to network and connect with your potential clients. Look at other companies in your niche to garner ideas for drawing in customers.

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